Increase max amount of online shared folders

Back when the feature was released, the devs mentioned they would monitor the usage to see if the amount could potentially be increased.
Are devs still monitoring, and could we please increase the amount of online folders?
3 is really too little, I am offlining and onlining folders multiple times a day, and it’s quite tedious.



Sorry to be dense but are we talking bookmarks, here?


Bookmark folders, the ones you can share with others. You can have only three active at once, with one usually occupied by EvE scout.

Shared folders are also the only way to share bookmarks with out-of-corp/alliance chars.

EDIT: I could imagine it being a performance related restriction.

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Apologies, indeed related to shared bookmark folders.

CCP years back on release stated they wanted to monitor as with 4 or more shared folders online, they predicted performance issues.
I personally never saw any further updates, only hearing people around me how they wish it was more than the current max of 3 online shared folders.

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