Shareable Bookmarks - Public Testing on Duality!

Greetings Capsuleers!

As we’ve been discussing for some time now, we’ve been working internally on a feature called “Shareable Bookmarks" Today we’re excited to announce the beginning or a public testing period, taking place on our alternate public testing server, Duality. The server has been updated with a recent mirror of Tranquility and is now open so please feel free to log in, test out this feature and tell us what you think!

To bring everyone up to speed with the feature, lets recap the details!

Shareable Bookmarks

The Shareable Bookmarks system will entirely replace the existing bookmark or saved location system, allowing you to create links to locations in space that can be navigated to (through the right click menu or places tab of the People and Places window). Whereas previously, Capsuleers could create bookmarks accessible to either themselves or their corporation, this system is designed to be less restrictive and more flexible. In almost all other ways these new bookmarks would be functionally identical to the existing system (for example, we do not intend to change the rules about what you can point a bookmark at).

1. Bookmarks are stored in folders, which are accessed through Access Lists.

  • Those folders can be shared with your corp, alliance, coalition, friends, whoever you want!
  • Folders can contain sub-folders to allow bookmarks to be further organized (Existing bookmark folders would be converted into sub-folders).
  • Sub-folders are just a one-level organisation tool, they cannot be nested and do not have individual permission settings.
  • Shared folders must be “subscribed” to - they do not pop up automatically.
  • Shared folders can be linked (By dragging the folder into a text field) to allow anyone with access to subscribe.

2. Shared folders have multiple Access levels, each of which can be assigned an access list

  • View – View, Warp to bookmarks
  • Use – Add bookmarks, Edit/Delete own bookmarks, Copy Bookmarks to a different folder
  • Manage – Edit/Remove bookmarks or subfolders
  • Admin – Delete/Rename Shared Folder, Change ACL

3. Capsuleers can set Shared Folders they have subscribed to active/inactive

  • Only bookmarks in active folders will be visible in space (r-click menu, sensor overlay, brackets in space).
  • Bookmarks can only be added to active folders.
  • Capsuleers will have a maximum number of active folders at any time.

4. Bookmarks can be set to expire automatically

  • Bookmark can be set to expire automatically after some time (from a set pre-determined choices).
  • Bookmarks saved in Folders or Sub-folders will default to the previously selected expiry setting.

5. Addition/Removal/Editing of Shared Bookmarks, Folders and Sub Folders will happen instantly (pending performance testing) for all characters with access

  • The ability to warp to a newly created bookmark will now have a hard delay of 2 minutes rather than the old 5 min cache time.
  • Bookmarks that you cannot yet warp to will not appear in right click menu.

6. The new proposed limits to bookmarks and folders, Personal and Shared, are as follows. Please note that these numbers may change based on performance testing:

  • Bookmarks in Shared folder = 500
  • Bookmarks in personal folder = 3000
  • Maximum active shared bookmark folders = 3
  • Maximum active personal bookmark folders = 5
  • Maximum bookmark folders created and existing = 30
  • Maximum bookmark folders known = 30

For the less arithmetically inclined, that will mean a new total of 15,000 (active) personal bookmarks and 1,500 (active) shared bookmarks, compared to 13,000 personal and 500 corporate currently.

7. All existing personal and corporate bookmarks have been converted

  • All bookmark vouchers have been converted to new bookmarks for their respective owners (Capsuleer or Corporation).
  • Please be aware that after the voucher conversion your total bookmarks can exceed the limits, which might cause client performance problems. You may find that you need to delete some bookmarks to be able to add more.
  • Existing Corporation bookmarks have been converted to a shared folder.
  • A transitional access list has been created for each corporation that includes the CEO and directors, this access list will be used for the “Manage” and “Admin” levels of any corporation bookmark folders, and the default corporation access list will be used for the View and Use access levels.

As this feature is still in development, expect there to be some bugs, and some placeholder UI and text. Please report any issues you experience, and provide feedback for any things you feel should be improved. Some specific known issues to note for now:

  • The options for bookmark expiry are not final.
  • Some of the text (like help text or error messages) is not final.
  • Localized names of the transitional corp access lists are not not fully functional.

There we have it! We’re very excited to bring this feature into your hands. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and please join us on Duality to test this feature out. We look forward to the discussion!

CCP Lebowski for Team Five 0


I have never been more happy to hear a new feature incoming. Thank you, from the bottom of the heart who has been trading bookmarks between corporations for several months now

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do bookmarks use the same access list mechanic as upwell structures? and so the same lists?

Correct, you can use the same access lists you use for Structures, or create new ones :slight_smile:

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ok nice

I’m very glad that comes to life (really excited).

Please tell me, do you intend to do the exact same thing … for assets ? Like, sharing hangar/corp hangar with other character/corporation ?

Currently you can bookmark a 10/10 and sell it through contracts. Will this change?

you can’t. Now you need to go there with the buyer and he gives you money when you get there.

As bookmark vouchers will no longer exist after this change, selling escalations through contracts will no longer be possible.

You’ll be able to informally trade bookmarks by selling access to shared folders.

You can do this even more remotely than before as you never need to create a contract.


1500 active shared bookmarks is nowhere near enough.

This is less than the current corp bookmark limit, which is effectively infinite due to the 500 limit not actually being enforced.

Please allow us to override the active folder limit at our own risk.

Will we still be able to convert shared bookmarks to personal bookmarks?

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This is less than the current corp bookmark limit, which is effectively infinite due to the 500 limit not actually being enforced.

That is not true. All bookmarks are hard-capped in the bookmark folder to 500 BM’s per corporation at this moment.

For clarification, if you would:

Assuming the above, would this mean that I am limited to subscribing to a maximum of 5 access lists for personal use, and 3 access lists for corporate bookmarks. Because if it is the latter, I kind of see a problem with the implementation.

We use more than 500 bookmarks if we would combine all of our alliance, meaning that we effectively have to make a singular character with a personal ACL where we can edit everything. It feels a little low on the accessibility end, with an easy way to get around it through using a holding toon with an ACL for all bookmarks.

Very nice Feature, looking forward to put that to some use :slight_smile:

As I am a new Player so to say I dont really know if you share this kind of information, but would you mind talking about the technical details a little bit?
I suppose you are using a messaging-framework to some degree?
While there might be serveral Open Source Projects around for that, I know from experience that not evyerything “much scalable, very big” solutions are, in fact, scalable to like ten thousands of clients.

thanks for any reply!

That is not true, if you create a personal bookmark and then edit it to be a corp one you can go way past the 500 bookmark limit.

And doing so would be bug abuse technically and could land you a beautiful ban.

Brilliant. Will CCP make it easier to create BMS

Like right click in space save bookmark option?

That already exists as “Save Location”? (At least for objects in space)

And you can simply press CTRL+B to create a bookmark anywhere.

Active and inactive folders can be cycled easily. Players can create and/or know up to 30 folders. If you make all 30 folders corp structured, non-personal folders that’s 15,000 bookmarks.
Make a new character and start the cycle again.

If you need to forget folders from time to time simply aggregate them into a mailing list or chat channels MOTD.

There are active and inactive folders. It’s very easy to cycle these states by right clicking on the folder. A player can know up to 30 folders. If you need access to more, compile a master list of folder links in a mailer or corp/alliance bulletin so players can cycle their 30 known folders by forgetting and setting new folders to active/inactive.