Shareable Bookmarks: Alliance Bookmarks and More!


A new dev blog about the Shareable Bookmarks feature has just been released! Please use this thread to discuss its content and ask any questions you might have :slight_smile:


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No fleet bookmarks?

350k+ Bookmarks?

Somebody is fearing “warp to 0” will be removed at some point in time and keeps the old 0.0-autobahn-BMs

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Not directly.

But you could have a public access folder that you link to the fleet to see

(Using a fleet for an ACL isnt possible, as they’re very ephemeral things)

You cant get into a public folder, unless you have a link for it


I guess thatll work for now. Would like to see a fleet only bookmark system especially when doing joint ops in WH space.

Just love

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A shout-out to @CCP_Habakuk for taking player feedback in the test server threads. Even if CCP can’t make every player happy, (breaks BM’s-as-station notes ‘emergent gameplay’. And, I have more than 30 folders currently - excess organization gets penalized, too), I feel like CCP understands the pain points of this transition.


Am i on the first page ?

Looks very good. Transition will be painful, but that’s to be expected. :slight_smile:

The only change that would have helped us (EvE-Scout Rescue) was to have copying bms at the “manage” level rather than the “use” level but we’ll figure something out.

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That will be awesome.
Any dev blog on the triglavian season 2? Where can we find more details? Will it be like factional warfare?

First let them finish the Drifter season 1 at least.


Remember you can always put sub folders in. I dont think they’re particularly limited

And it is still a worse system than the old system. No more easy transfer and secure transfer of bookmarks, no more storage of bookmarks outside the bookmark system, which puts a hard limit on bookmarks with no possibility to circumvent it and the number of possible folders is way too limited. Not to mention that these folders add another layer in the right click menu that you have to move the mouse over, which adds more unnecessary drag.

All in all: Another step in the right direction but 2 steps back because good practices and procedures are being removed for no good reason.

Great effort has been made to listen to Capsuleer feedback, the CSM, and use internal testing to ensure this system is the best it can be.

Well, you did not make it as good as it could have been. The limits per folder are unnecessary and only coerce people to create unnecessary folders for things that have not been necessary in the past. This also means that the number of possible folders and sub-folders is already severely limited and reduced because you have to organize. As stated before, I will not have 5 available folders, I will only have 1 (if at all) because all the other folders are already used for other things that are currently in 1 folder combined.

The per personal folder limit of bookmarks, for instance, is already annoying me a whole lot. It is unnecessary and makes the organization annoyingly cumbersome. I want to put all my null sec bookmarks into 1 folder. I cannot do that anymore with your new system because I have more than 3k null sec bookmarks. Now I have to split that into several folders and mix some of the bookmarks with other security levels or else I would no have any folders left. I also have to mix other bookmark things that I didn’t have to mix before, which is very inconvenient. But of course, you listened to the players. :+1:

1500 shareable bookmarks is nice but I really don’t like the management aspect of this.


Is there any way to sell escalations with new bookmark system?


Yes, there is. Unshare a shared folder to share one of your escalation shared folders, tell the guy it’s shared, take his money and now keep the folder shared for 24 hours. Or else the guy can call you a liar and get you into trouble.

Hm…Improvements are good…usually. But I find always something to remark on :wink:

  • Player respect : either those 100+ people are have a hoarder mentality or they have a reason to keep so many bookmarks. You should assume the second. Is it hence too much to ask that you take some time to help them to distributed their bookmarks over some alts on a database level? Rather then a cold ‘clean your ■■■■ up’.

  • Player Ease of Life : I wonder how many of these bookmarks are actually the same. More or less. Everyone has of course his own safespots. But for the NPC stations : why does everyone need to make their own Instadock & Safe Warpout bookmarks? Instadock could be shared completely. And from the Safe Warpout you could make an ISK sink. Besides the ‘Undock’ button, their should be a ‘Undock Safely’ button, which gives you a pop up with 4 options ( short, middle, long, very long) each with their own price and that when pushed undocks and warps you immediately away a random distance from the station. The further you want to go, the higher the ISK price. A few thousands here and there would probably add up quickly. You can even make the price related to the number of people in the system., the cargo, … Seems a better use of our ISK then just yet another tax-hike.

I can already hear the answer from some ‘gameplay!’, ‘don’t dumb the game down!’. But really, if every competent player does the same thing, what’s the gameplay in that? That just means you want to profit from the newbies and the less competent ones (and the lazy ones…let’s not forget those :slight_smile: ). It will perhaps be a new challenge for Pvp-ers, but they still will have the player stations to catch some ships. This will btw also be educational : if new players see that the ‘safe’ button is missing in player stations, they are perhaps reminded that they need to take care of that themselves.


So it has actually been implemented and the items removed without a possibility to sell escalations? Having to create a folder and sharing the BM is a pita…

Thanks CCP for listening to people! Not!



CCP and CSM: You can still sell bookmarks. You just have to trust people more with this new system because trusting people in EVE is more fun after all. And you have to keep one of your Shared folders slots for that if you sell lots of bookmarks. So, everything is fine.