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OK i need help with this because I’ve read up on it and still cant get it to work. I very simply want to be able to share bookmarks between my main character and my alt. I know this can be done because Eve-scout does it publicly for the entire game. To make sure everyone understand specifically what i need to do:

  1. my scanning alt makes a bookmark (in the shared access list folder i presume, although i have never seen this yet)
  2. my main character can now see that very same bookmark and warp to it as if he made it himself. my alt and my main are not in the same corp or alliance or affiliated in any way,

its that simple. but i cant get it to work at all. Assistance please.

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Your scanning alt needs to add your main to their access list,
Go to - Neocom Menu / Social / Access list.

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thank you, that is done. Both characters have the same access list. 1 is the admin and the other is manager role

Have you sent the link for the shared folder to your other character?

no i didnt. where is that lol. i dont see anything in the access list area for a link. i also dont see anywhere that CCP shows that instruction. needs to be clearer, but i will find it. thank you

NEver mind i figured it out. You actually have to go into people and places, make a NEW FOLDER, and link it to the access list. Nowhere are there instruction to do that. My assumption was that the access list would be its own folder auto created when i made the access list. No worries.

For anyone needing to be walked thru (like me lol)

  1. Create access list
  2. add characters you want to have the same bookmarks
  3. go to people and places/locations
  4. Created folder make it shared and linked to the specific access list you want.

Yeah, CCP realized a while ago that they don’t need to document ANYTHING anymore - they just throw it out there and let the playbase figure it out.

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They stole that from p2w browsergames. Only boardgames have known rules now :slight_smile:

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