Shared bookmarks disappearing?

I was wondering if any one is having trouble with shared book marks disappearing?

We use shared bookmarks to navigate WH space. Does any one know of a way to track who deletes a shared bookmark? We might have a troll among us and no way to find out who it is. We can see who makes the bookmarks, but not who deletes them.

Any suggestions would great. Otherwise, people are going to have to just use personal bookmarks along with shared.

Sure you dont have them set to expire? also you need communication officer roles in corp to delete bookmarks, simply remove that from everyone (they will still be able to add BMs) and re-add that role to peole bit by bit

I use shared bookmarks in a wormhole all the time, I’ve never seen one disappear unless it was deliberately given a time-out.

I almost exclusively use shared bookmarks and haven’t had an issue.

If someone deleting them is an issue you could have folders set read only with another folder set for people to create new shared ones in. Someone with enough access to the read only ones could drag the bookmark from one folder to the other if it’s one the corp wants to keep.

This way anyone can create but once certain bookmarks are deemed important they can’t be deleted by line members.

Also with how the new bookmark access lists work people outside your corp/alliance could have access to them as well. Make sure that you properly make your access lists. If you add an individual to the list (rather than having the corp in the list and them getting access by being a corp member) then they can access the bookmarks even if they leave your corp unless you remove them or change access.

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I had the same thing i happend to have set the expire time to 3 hours might be the case with the one who makes the bms.

thank you for all your responses.

I bet it is because they are set to 3 hours. and I didn’t know you needed the officer roles to delete them.

I lost all of my corps BM’s recently. The ones set to expire and the permanent ones. This was with my WH corp, which is painful.

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