Shared Bookmarks and Access Lists

So let’s say I make a shared bookmark folder and then share it with player A. I remove him from the viewing, I make bookmarks the next week, and then I give A view permissions again. Does he get the list automatically since he had it before I revoked access or do I have to give it to him again?

Likewise, can I “rinse” a shared bookmark folder by switching the access list to my corp and then to everybody so that I can share bookmarks anytime I want with a link without giving everyone permenant access to that folder and all future bookmarks I make?

Third, what happens if I delete a bookmarks folder and then create a new one with the same name and same access list? I think nothing should happen until I start linking it.

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Lot’s of questions, hopefully this will answer some of them…

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That seems very easy/simple to test with a friend or alt. :smiley: (maybe 2 or 3 min)

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