Bookmark Sharing, is it supposed to work like this?

It would appear that the only way I can share a Bookmark Folder with another person is by giving that other person Admin Access to the folder in question. Is this really the way it’s supposed to work ?

I submitted a Bug Report (EBR-186324) on this some time ago, but it hasn’t appeared in my Support stuff so I assume it’s got lost in the deluge - hence asking again here.

  1. Locations are stored in folders, which are either personal or accessed through Access Lists
  • Personal folders work nearly the same as before.
  • Shared folders can be shared through access lists with your corp, alliance, coalition, friends…whomever you want!
  • Folders can contain subfolders to allow bookmarks to be further organized (existing location folders are converted into subfolders).
  • Subfolders are a one-level organization tool, they cannot be nested and do not have individual permission settings.
  • Shared folders must be “connected” to (basically a subscription) - they do not pop up automatically.
  • Shared folders can be linked (by dragging the folder into a text field) to allow anyone with access to connect to the folder.
  1. Shared folders have multiple access levels, each of which can be assigned an access list
  • View – View, Warp to locations
  • Use – Add locations, Edit/Delete own locations, Copy locations to a different folder
  • Manage – Edit/Remove locations or subfolders
  • Admin – Delete/Rename Shared Folder, Change ACL

I just created a folder, set V/U to Public and M/A to my corp and linked it in a chat and people could subscribe to it.

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Thanks - that was the bit I’d missed, I thought it would automatically appear on each user’s Shared Folder list.

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