[RESOLVED] How to share Bookmarks between 2 character within the same account?

Like the title says, I wanna know how to share personal bookmark locations between two characters that are within the same account.
Since CCP changed the whole bookmark system, I find it difficult to work around this

This post explains how to do it. There isn’t any other way, other than having both characters in the same corp that you own, and you still kind of use this system anyway.


First step, you go to Social > Access Lists and you put both characters on it.
Second step, you create a shared bookmark folder and give Admin access to the Access List you just created.
Third step, you log in with your alt, open up the Shared Folders tab under People and Places and look for “Shared Folders with Admin Access” - you then add the folder you just created and choose the option to online it.


I’ve been able to figure it out so thanks for the help and tips <3

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