Mission spot sharing?


Iam running some security missions with gate access.
Can i share mission locations to my fleet member that is on other system, so he can enter my site, when Iam doing something else, or i need to be be in mission pocket when he enter same solar system ?

Thanks !

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One way to do it, is to create a shared folder. Create an access list that allows your friend and select it for the folder. Then link the folder in chat/messages, and your friend can ‘connect’ to it, and will see any bookmarks you place in there. :slight_smile:


Do we have to be in the same corporation ?
We are both in different npc corporations.

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The access list is very flexible. You can select a character individually (does not have to be in the same corp)

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Ok, found it, gonna try it if its actualy works for us :wink:

Thanks !

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Good luck to both of you! :slight_smile: :+1:

You cannot share the mission bookmarks directly. You need to fly to the mission location and create your own bookmark to share.

I assumed he had completed the missions and saved bookmarks for his fleet mate to salvage/loot while he went to do the next mission. But what you said is correct - he has to fly to the locations and make the bookmarks first before he can share them.

Are this mission pocket bookmarks still works after server restart, if we didnt complete mission ?
Or the mission pocket is now in different location/old bookmark dont lead to it ?

The bookmarks will remain the same. And the mission will be in the same location.

If the mission was not completed, downtime will either reset the mission… or break it sometimes by removing all NPC’s. If it gets broken you can ask a GM to manually reset it for you.

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Depending on what, exactly, you are trying to do, downtime may cause your mission to relocate. Your unshareable bookmark will adjust automatically. The bookmarks you made yourself will not.

I can never have missions reset lol

It is strange - did they give you a reason?

Or before entering the site, open missions details and then right click mission location and then warp fleet to location.

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