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So…I’ve done a fair amount of reading here, and I see that this has been a fan-fav request going back to at least 2014, the addition of bookmarks as a selectable tick to the overview. This would be particularly useful for accessing instawarp/instadock bookmarks with ease, without the need to sort through folders potentially containing hundreds (they’d only show the ones relevant to the current system one were in). Alternatively, making a folder persistent so that it stays open as a tab in the chat window (meaning it doesn’t get closed anytime it’s edited or when you log off) might work as well.

Now, I realize that the better, more useful ideas put forth by the community, the more CCP will laugh you out of the room for suggesting them, since these days, their sole purpose seems to be finding new and innovative ways to screw over players engaged in industrial/production, particularly hi-sec indy. They enjoy doing that as I much as I enjoy a well-made ham & swiss sandwich.

That said, this seems to be a request of very long standing, and I’m kind of wondering why there doesn’t seem to be any attempts to implement it. If this feature DOES exist, is there a resource to read up on it, because I can’t find any, except for the above mentioned workaround. Or, does CCP generally laugh and not listen to you folks, either?

You can open your Locations window and sort by Jumps, it’ll show bookmarks in that system at the top.

Personally, I’d like shared folders to be capable of holding 15k bookmarks. I have around 6k gate tacs, being able to easily share them with my alts would be nice.

You can also open Locations In System window and it updates automatically.
Unfortunately that window breaks hotkey navigation for most hotkeys: Little things / Small QoL suggestions - #3345 by Nicen_Jehr

To me you should be able to have bookmarks in your local files and simply export to file to whoever you want, this would be a thing for your alts in most cases… no limits in how many bookmarks

The only thing I wish for is a “QuickShare” function so I can send someone a single Bookmark, without the need to be in fleet with him or needing to give him access to a folder which he then must online first. I often like to share wreck locations with newbs, I abandon all of them and all containers that might be in the location so the newbs can freely grab all the salvage and the loot. It would be a nice additional income for them and a good way to build trust. But under the current system it is almost impossible because newbs are so paranoid, they won’t join fleet (or are already in another one), they don’t want to online bookmark folders (and maybe I don’t want to share all my bookmarks with them, just the current mission loot).

I leave the locations window up all the time, for thisreason.

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