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Suggestion: Locations In System window should not capture keystrokes after radial menu use

Keywords: Accessibility, Keybinds, Cloaking, Bug

Note: I have Highslot 1 with my cloak bound to T. I jump into lowsec under gate cloak with Locations In System already open. I mouseover a gate tac, press/drag/release mouse1 to manipulate the radial menu choosing Warp To. My warp begins and my gate cloak drops. I press T.
Expected behavior: Cloak module toggles.
Actual behavior: I remain uncloaked. The Locations In System window attempts to select the first bookmark beginning with the letter T.
I suggest starting key capture only once the mouse presses and releases within the Locations In System window, or skipping capture for a short time after radial menu on its entries.

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