Bookmark, mechanical of the year 1990

(Azamaria) #1

I write beacause I am exhausted about the mechanical of bookmark.

Impossible to share bookmark beetween the same alliance whitout physical contact, we pilot ship that can move faster than the speed of light, bu we can’t send an email wich localisation ?,

And when you want share bookmark, you can’t select more than 10 for drag and drop to you’r cargo hold,
so, if you have 50 bookmark to share with another capsuler, you must tell the selected number, and drag and drop 5 time, this limitation is worthy for an old game, not for eve online.

I understand that very little capsuler live in wormhole, but plz CCP did something about the mechanical of bookmark, update that !

(Dravick Afterthought) #2

What’s needed, IMHO, is a ‘Places’ category of ‘Alliance Locations’, similar to the existing ‘Corporation Locations’.

(Mr Mysterio) #3

been complained about since the Dawn of WHs

you’ll see people on both sides, sharing does all the leg work for spies.

(Raw Matters) #4

Why don’t you just add a corp bookmark then?

(Helyss Mezana) #5

Don’t forget fleet bookmarks. Every time on a WH PvP it annoys me that I have to warp to every sig I scan down and let everyone warp to me, just to give them the location. That is just unreasonable.

Having a shared folder (maybe a filter for persons or default options for fleets or alliances? Say you can add a name to access a specific bookmark folder or select a default filter) would be great! Managing Bookmarks would be much easier, and in my opinion a needed quality of life change.