Trouble copying Bookmarks

Anyone else struggling to copy bookmarks?

The normal shift and drag to the station cargohold doesn’t work, neither does shift / drag to ship cargohold when docked up.

Strange, unless I am doing it wrong (again) :blush:

Replaced by Shareable Bookmarks and Access Lists - see


Ah, thanks. I will have a look.

That will teach me not to read every update, though is this a change for changes sake. There wasn’t much wrong with the old system?

Blog post says: “The volume of data involved is gargantuan and straining for the client, server, database and network layer. The previous system had several performance problems if a Capsuleer had too many locations saved.”

In short, they’d rather have 5000 people share the same single database entry than have each make their own unique instance. It’s actually a common problem for online games to have - uniquely identifiable copies of data add up real quick.

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I never liked sharable bookmarks. I went to great trouble building up my own databse. Seeing them in space was a great update for me :slight_smile:
Sharing those BM’s was a gift. I miss those days.

But times changed. Undocking a cloaky is dangerous too after all :stuck_out_tongue:

But good for those that don’t explore / n00bs etc. Since I don’t really play anymore, I hope it works out for you all.

You can now share bookmarks with however you want. An improvement to the old system. Unfortunately also some of the good of the old system was lost.

I also have a vast database. I have all bookmarks neatly sorted by system (every system has its own folder). Too bad I can not make more folders now because they limited it to 30.

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