Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Add warp fleet to the warp button in the agency.
Keywords: agency, warp, Fleet, escalations
Notes: I often run escalations with an alt, it would save time to be able to fleet warp to the start of the site directly from the agency.


Suggestion: Account hangar in stations
Keywords: Account, hangar, station
Notes: Seems like adding another hangar that all three characters on an account can access would be simple enough to do. Would be a lot nicer than having to contract everything, all the time. Heck, make the standard hangar like this? Or option to do that? Anyways, perhaps it’s been suggested in the 1300 posts in this thread!


Suggestion: Overhaul of the Auction feedback system.
Keywords: Auction, Contract
Notes: Currently the aucting feedback is really poor and gets confusing and nerve wrecking really fast. Some of us having bid on more than 20-30 auctions at the same time have a really hard time to tell whats going on. Notifications are all messed up. And we end up having to check every single auction contract manually.

Main problems:
-The notification redirects to the wrong panel or with the wrong filters.
-List of active “Bid on by” “Requires Attention” Auction contracts show false or not enough inromation.

  • Remaining time is not shows.
  • Red “expired” note after every single contract that has been bid on by the player. Even if its a still ongoing contract.
  • Doesnt show if you are the highes bidder or not.
  • Issues after the contract actually expires. Extra notifications. Too long notifications. (You can get notified of the same contract that you didnt win for weeks if the actual winner doesnt claim it)
  • Issue with a contract you bid on doesnt show that you have been outbid or you are the highes bidder in the detailed contract view.

An Auction Contract that is in the “Bid On By” or in the “Requires Attention” filter should show:
“Contract” “Type” “From” “To” “Status” “Time left”(Correctly) and a “Bid Status”(If you are the highest bidder or not)

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Gates would make botting VNIs pretty darn safe with both local and an extra barrier for cloaked hunters. I really only see this putting a dent in risk-averse botting is if the deadspace pocket prevented warp out unless by another exit gate (the exit gate would spit people out at random spots in system to avoid cloaking camping on the entrance gates).

Blops cynos could serve as a secondary way to exit but not enter–no hotdropping caps into the anoms.


this might be hard thing to do but hopefully it isn’t.

Suggestion: When searching for an item in inventory, containers in hangers that contain that item is visible only.
Keyword: Searching, item hanger, inventory
Note: While containers in the hangers that does not contain the item you are searching for is filtered out.

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Suggestion: enhance bookmarks
Keywords: bookmarks, drag and drop, share, ui, coordinates, text field, email, notes
Note: It’s simple, players have been wanting (begging) for bookmark improvements for years !

  • Why isn’t it already possible to drag and drop bookmarks into text fields (emails, channels, notes…) ?
  • Why haven’t you added the possibility to create another Overview tab in which, bookmarks would be displayed ?
  • Why can’t we share several bookmarks at once ?

Do it ! (please)

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Have multibuy interpret fittings as well


Suggestion : Trash item fix.
Keywords : Citadel, Trash, Whatever
Notes : In the “Personal Assets” trying to trash items in citadels is not working as inteded or not working at all. Either nothing happens. Or a popup comes on that says “Item is no longer within reach” and then nothing happens. Theese items can usually be moved by asset safety. But trashing something should always be an option no matter what or where it is.


Suggestion: Make Tactical Overlay direction indicator orange

Keywords: ui, combat, tactical overlay
Note: Useful to quickly see direction to selected target

When selecting items in space, the radial line to indicate direction to your selection is gray, which is the same color as the tactical overlay grid. However, one of the major quadrant lines is orange. It would be better to make the selection indicator line this orange color, to easily distinguish the direction of your target from the tactical overlay gridlines. In other words, invert the selection indicator color with that orange quadrant divider line.

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And we need a better option for sharing assets between characters/accounts so we dont need to make another useless corporation for this purpose. This would also put an end to the new war dec debate.

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This is what the Compare option is for, but yes, that also adds more steps instead of your suggestion.


Maybe CCP could allow containers (or some specific containers) to be shared between characters of the same account ?
Just like a Dropbox shared folder, somehow…

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Suggestion : Make the Right Click Menu clearer for Overloading Rack or Stop Overloading Rack.
Keywords : Overheat, Overload, Overloading Rack, Stop Overloading Rack, Modules, Menu, UI
Notes : or you fade off the unavailable sub-menu entry (just like on my mock-up) or you only display one of the two states, but not both at the same time.

During fights, when you right click on a module, a menu appears, allowing you to Overload the whole rack or Stop overloading the rack. But if the rack is already overloading, why is the sub-menu entry to Overload the rack still clickable ? It doesn’t make sense.

There should only be Overload Rack OR Stop Overloading Rack, but not both at the same time.


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In case you dont know. You dont have to use right click menu. Theres buttons on the UI for turning overload on and off.

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Two quick things:

Have a “leave ship” button in the station, perhaps besides the undock button in the top right. This is because you often have to leave ship to e.g. change clone, and right now it’s just a bit harder to reach.

Show standing on the alliance/corp whose space you are in, so I mean in the top left, you could show blue icon or “in same alliance” icon actually on the system info box in top left, rather than having to open the info on the corp/alliance and see standing. This would just make it easier to guage risk as you are flying through coalition space.



“Unload ship” button, which would unload your cargo for you… instead of having to drag and drop all the time.


Suggestion : Allow to repackage items inside Station Containers (or Secure Cargo Containers).
Keywords : repackage, items, station, container, containers, secure cargo container

Allow to repackage items (like drones) inside Station Containers (or Secure Cargo Containers, for example).


New backgrounds for stations when you dock, I know we don’t spend alot of time docked in station but it would be nice if we got some new backgrounds and bit more variety.

They have not been updated for ages!


Suggestion : Please don’t make the game automatically switch back to the Inventory after undocking from a station
Keywords : inventory, tab, switching, undocking, undock, station, focused tab, focus
Note : this is really annoying, especially if you want to warp to quickly a bookmark (in People & Places)

Let’s say you are docked in a station and that you gathered several windows into one (Personal Assets, Journal, Inventory and People & Places). So now, these windows are tabs, inside one window.

When you undock from a station, it may be crucial to be able to quickly warp to a safe spot, or to be able to insta-undock quickly. But the game doesn’t let you do that.

It currently switches the focused tab to Inventory, even if (in the station) you clicked on People & Places > Places tab.

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Suggestion : Add a ‘Notes’ option to all Contacts, including Corporation Contacts
Keywords : contact, standings, note, ui
Note : Currently there is a Notes tab on all Characters so you can record why you marked them as Red/Blue/whatever, but this is character specific and cannot be shared to all who get to share seeing the Contact Standing marker.

Frequently have someone marked Red to the corp, and no one can remember why. It takes a lot of bouncing between alts to find the character that did it, and the note they have as to the reason.

Having the option to have a ‘shared’ note for shared Contact/Standings would make it easier to see “oh, that’s the guy that did [bad thing]” or what have you. Especially given the limited 5-level standing options, it can get muddled who is not a threat unless in a particular situation, or who is a RUNNOW! level threat with both Red corp standing and only one particular character recording the reason why.