Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: please allow mods to be added to cargo bays in the fitting screen. This would allow us to be able to add multiple fits into cargo when doing multi fit for alliance/coalition contracts

Thatnk you for all your hard work CCP karkur talk to you again on twitter


Suggestion: Ability to take Higher Resolution Screenshots
Keywords: Screenshots, Rendering, Gloryshots
Note: 4k Screenshots with normal Displays?

It would be realy nice if it would be possible to have an option, or different Hotkey to take Screenshots in a higher Resolution than the Client is currently running in. This would be super awesome to make the Pictures of everyones Journey in EvE look even more beautiful and also make zoomed in sections less hideous.

An option to double or quadruple the resolution of taken Screenshots would be sweet, having a seperate Hotkey would be godly!


That is the most relevant thing said all year, thank you

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How about something like this?
Basically the same effect that has on the warp disruptor/scrambler icon, but the color scheme changes to the warp scrambler’s. The a blue glow may be a bit too much though.


Honestly, I don’t even care as long as it’s f*cking anything please for the love of humanity.
(Really like the scrambly pixel effect, not sure about the blue glow [blue normally tends to indicate a more “positive” condition].)

Anyway last I checked CCP still has an art department :smiley:


Suggestion: dragable coordinates and bookmarks
Keywords: coordinates, bookmarks,ui
Note: suddestion is to make bookmarks (“saved locations”, “coordinates in space”), mission locations, escalation locations dragable, so players can share them by dragging into text field like they can do with modules, ships and fittings.
that will make missioning in fleets and sharing salvage with other people much easier: instead of wating for salvager to warp in or contracting/trading bookmarks in station, players will just drag them from “people and places” or “jourmal” to text field and post into chat channel.

Suggestion: “Deployable structures” section in Persomal Assets
Keywords: structures, ui
Note: adding a section where all deployable structures and theri contents will be listed, so players will be able to warp to them without bookmarking or scanning them down with combat probes (it may take long if there are 100+ tractor units or depots’s in the system).
that section should display structure names, current hitpoints and / or reinforcement status, lifetime left.
adding “structure is under attack” alert will be nice too.

Suggestion: ability to store deployable structures inside containers, to jet them into jet containers, to deploy them for corporate, fleet or public use
Keywords: structures, ui
Note: this will let players to use deployable structures in many new ways.


an added setting to the “show only available” in markets to also list buy orders or even only buy orders.

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I mean they do have the big warp scram symbol over the hud and in the overview so clearly you want more than just "anything"
if a highlight is added make it red

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  • Seperate overview settings for each character on the same account. (spesifficly apperance and back ground)

  • Notebook shared between all characters on the same account.


Suggestion: Direct link to buy ship skins in Character sheet
Keywords: ui, access, skins
Note: When i am in the Skins section in character sheet, i want to buy the skins. ATM there is a “view market details” for every ship, but not for the specific skin. You should add an option for buying skin via aurum/market to the menu or change current behaviour (link to skin market instead to ship).

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Maybe one additional comment: On clicking “info”, I want to see how the skin looks, not what ship it is.

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Suggestion: A color picker for contacts
Keywords: UI, contacts, standings
Note: More colors to distinguish between enemies and friends.

The 5 different standings (-10, -5, 0, +5, +10) are very limiting when it comes to distinguishing between enemies and friends on the battlefield. So I propose an upgrade to the current system. Add an option for people to override the default color given to a contact.

Thank you, and Mittani bless


While we’re on the topic of contact management (and I’m very much on board with more granularity/options here, if nothing else it would make streaming fights a lot easier to follow):

If there were a way to have corporation level notes on a pilot, that would be very useful.


Suggestion: Market window tree view should open/scroll to selected category
Keywords: ui, market
Note: for when you’re searching for similar items

When you put a search query in the Market window, and click something off the results, you get the market data on the right half. Now when you clear the search term with the X in the search bar, the left part reverts to the previous market tree selection you had open.

It should instead, when you click the X, open the tree levels and scroll to the category of the item on the right. This is especially helpful if you’re searching for something where you know a “related” item, e.g. if you remember the name of the Gallente HAC but want the Caldari HAC.


Suggestion: Fittings dragged while in space should include launched drones
Keywords: ui, fitting
Note: for when you want to link your fit while doing things

When opening the fitting window and dragging the fit to some chat window, drones that are currently in space are not included. They should be.


Suggestion: Restart all extractors button for PI
Keywords: ui, planetary-interaction
Note: the PI pain is real

The window that opens from Business -> Planetary Colonies should have a “Restart Extractors” button next to “View planet”. This would run through all extractors and just do a stop / start on them, alleviating the pain of manually clicking through all your planets every few days.

I don’t think this makes PI “too easy” for the following reasons:

  • you still need to go around with a hauler to pick up the PI goods
  • you still need to log into your PI alt accounts to actually click the button
  • clicking the button too frequently wastes PI goo because you’re restarting partial extracting cycles
  • the button doesn’t allow adjusting the extraction cycle length. (Maybe it should even do that, for when you’re going on vacation for a week, but — separate feature.)

Suggestion: Ability to save & switch to separate sets of standings
Keywords: ui, overview, standings
Note: for streamers, mercenaries, and war engagements

(This is a rather large QoL feature, but still.)

It should be possible to (temporarily) switch to a different set of standings, which ignores all personal, corp and alliance settings. These sets should be able to be saved and linked (like overview settings.)

This feature is inspired by both watching Avaren’s stream (and seeing how much he’s struggling to sort things into appropriate colors), as well as frequent war incidents where “allied for specific situations only” people shoot each other mistakenly.

Having a feature where you can switch to a completely separate set of standings (which you can save somewhere, and link in your fleet) would be a visual/presentation game-changer here. It’s hard enough to make EVE streams and videos on twitch/youtube interesting (or even understandable); having related parties appropriately colored would probably help a ton.

NB: this really needs to disable any personal, corp, alliance, and maybe even “my corp/my alliance” coloring. Making it just another “layer” after alliance/corp/personal means you get interference for things that aren’t included in the “standings set”. Also, it’d be great if both the “neutral standing” and “no standing” colors can be used (this gives another two colors for e.g. 3-way engagements.)

This would also tie in great with additional colors, but that’s a separate piece.

P.S.: the setting should probably be cleared on logout. People will forget they switched to a different standings-set…


Suggestion: Ability to repackage & “deliver items” that are in containers
Keywords: ui, containers
Note: reduce main item hangar clutter

When using station containers (e.g. to sort loot), it’d be great if the “Deliver Items” option was available for items in these containers. Currently, you have to drag them to your main item hangar, separate them out from whatever other crap you had in there (ugh), and then deliver them.

(For contracts this is difficult because the contract can fail/be aborted, which means the items need to be returned [they could just be dumped into the main item hangar though]. For “deliver” this is not an issue and it should just work.)

While we’re at it, repackaging items in containers would also be great.


Suggestion: Ability to group / add personal tags on fleet watchlist
Keywords: ui, fleet
Note: for logi pilots

The fleet watchlist (which is most heavily used by Logistics pilots) could really benefit from some kind of a grouping/tagging scheme. There are lots of ways to do this, among them:

  • having “create group”/“move to group” options like in the drone window (which is already very similar to the watchlist window)
  • adding a separate column of arbitrary tag data
  • even colors would be cool

The first is probably easiest to do here, however there is a small issue for people who don’t have large screens since the group title would waste another row of watchlist (yes, there’s already a lot of screen clutter while in a fleet, especially as a logi, so the extra rows matter.)

UPDATE: colors announced to be in upcoming SiSi patch!


Suggestion: make a “weapon catalogue” similar to the ship tree
Keywords: weapons, information
Note: this should/would allow people to see the details and compare the weapon types easier.

Currently if we want to check the stats of the weapons our options are:

  • find them on the market one by one
  • find the required skills and access them from there
  • open the simulator, find a ship that can fit the type and size and have enough high slots to fit all of the versions we’re interested in

What I’m asking for is a ship tree like layout that shows the weapons (or at least their types) with some basic information like optimal and falloff range, damage modifier and tracking. This would make it much easier to tell the difference between the electron, neutron and ion blasters for example.