Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Icon in Channel window to clear content
Keywords: ui, chat channel
Note: currently one has to go into Settings and select the last option. This would be especially helpful after visiting Jita. :slight_smile:


Suggestion: Icon in Channel window to clear content

this would be amazing! I clear the red text EVERY TIME I JUMP A SYSTEM as the red text is very distracting - a keyboard short cut would be another improvment or something for the radial menu.


Suggestion: Streamline changing which character is training
Keywords: ui, training, multichar
Note: Saves 2 logins and wasted training time.

When the box comes up saying another character is training, and offering the option to buy plex or MCT give the option to pause the other character’s training queue and start this one.


Suggestion: mention the criminal timer in the Capital Emergency Hull Energizer modules
Keywords: module, tooltip
Note: people need to know that their security has to be set to red to activate this module!

Original post:

  • 2017-06-28 12:42:23 UTC |

I tried to activate a Capital Emergency Hull Energizer today but had my safety set to yellow because I try to avoid getting killrights on me and stuff… for reasons.

Turns out you get a criminal timer when activating it so you can only activate it with your safety set to red. That’s okay. I can live with that, if we’re supposed to get a criminal timer I’m willing to get one too, no problem.

But please put that somewhere in the description / attributes of the module! Or add the red background glow that you get when you mouseover the module (if your safety isn’t red) like with Smartbombs or when mousing over an offensive module while having someone else targeted in hisec.
There is no indication at all that you get a criminal timer when activating it and when you find that out for the first time you lose a capital without activating that module because the moment you want to activate it, if you don’t have your safety red already, it’s most likely too late.
(In my case, here’s the excerpt from my logs:
[ 2017.06.28 12:16:24 ] (notify) Cannot activate Capital Emergency Hull Energizer I: This action could make you a Criminal, and your safeties are engaged.
The Moros died at 12:16:28.)

Description / Attributes of the module:
(Apparently as a new user I’m not allowed to directly put the image here, so here’s a link to it: slight_smile:

So, my suggestion is, either remove the criminal timer OR add the fact that you get one (or that your safety has to be set to red) to the description / attirbutes.


Suggestion: a count of how many skills in the que
Keywords: ui, skill training
Note: it would help people knowing how many skills are in the que



In overview being clickable and functional as overview/selected item window items. Approach, warp to, etc.

I would love bookmarks to have much greater functionality here. Not sure if its possible as it could add a lot of clutter but with the new overview tabs it would be handy to have a bookmarks tab.




Suggestion: Add a “no friendly fire” fleet option
Keywords: Fleet, Safety, Timers
Note: When enabled it would temporarily override a corporation’s “friendly fire” flag as long as that person is in the fleet.

[I]t’s important to avoid accidentally shooting corporation members in mixed fleets, since that is a legal action in and by itself, but it will give you both capsuleer log-off timers that will be spread to the logistics and anyone else who’s offering remote assistance. The best way to avoid accidentally shooting corporation members is to never target them without a very good reason, especially if you are flying an offensive role. Most necessary fleet actions, like keep at range and orbit, can be accomplished without first targeting the other person by just putting them on the watch list and right-click them.


Suggestion: Lock All and Unlock All button

Key + Click on overview (and/or in space?) starts to lock all targets until reaches max. targets
Key + Click on locked targets icon unlocks all locked targets

Please make our life simple! :thinking:


I like this idea



Uhh… could you elaborate? How is that different from having your safety set to green (yellow in hisec) and having friendly fire within your corp illegal?
The post from eve university is from a time when there was no option to make friendly fire within your corp illegal.
The only thing you could do that would be new would be the opposite. Having fleets where you can shoot other fleet members in legally. That could be heavily exploited though, people would invite others to fleet and shoot them or there’s a public mining fleet, the boss has a disconnect and the new boss decides it would be fun to bring a battleship out in the belt and allow friendly fire. Or people leave the fleet while missiles are in flight (or have a disconnect) and suddenly someone gets concorded. It would generally create more distrust and would reduce the willingness of people to join public fleets.
If you want to shoot friendlies then duel them.

Or scheme in lowsec. :slight_smile:


Suggestion: Option to show a pilot’s medals only to corp members or alliance members, and/or selected individuals - show info panel
Keywords: UI, show info panel, decorations tab
Note: Useful for showing your medals only to the right people so only they know what achievements you have.

When selecting the options to show your medals publicly or hide them, it would be good if there were an option for a pilot to show their medals only to corp members or only to alliance members, but not public if they desire so. For example I have a medal that was awarded to me for my achievements in a certain activity, that I don’t want to show to the public, since it is a sensitive information on what I am good at and I don’t want everyone to know this. But when I trust my corp mates for example, I would love to show them my medals, so they know what I am good at. In the same manner it would be nice if a pilot is able to show some medals to certain individuals only, but I guess that might be a little tricky to implement so it would be a bonus, if you like it.

Thus when a corpmate (or alliance mate) opens the show info panel of a pilot, they will see the medals that the pilot has shown them using these options, while others, outside the corp or alliance, will just get the message saying that the pilot has no public decorations.


Suggestion: Recalculate the overviews Angular Velocity into something easier to compare Turret Tracking to
Keywords: Overview, Angular Velocity
Note: The Turret Tracking value is a great way to compare the performance between turrets, but it feels abstract to use in practice and it’s hard to tell if a ship has enough tracking to make good use of its DPS. By recalculating the Angular Velocity into a value that Turret Tracking can be directly compared to a player would have better feedback regarding his chances to hit. This could be useful for snipers and brawlers alike.

“new value” = Angular Velocity * Turret Signature Resolution / Target Signature Resolution

Angular Velocity = Transversal velocity / distance
Turret Signature Resolution = 40 000m for all turrets
Target Signature Resolution = the targets size (including the effect from target painters etc)


Suggestion: Corp hanger ship insurance in Citadels
Keywords: Insurance, citadels, UI
Note: Re-post from a thread Io just made (diddnt see this thread),
"When the corp has an office inside an outpost or station, any ships in the hangar can be insured by the corporation, can we have that same functionality inside of citadels?

Would like to be able to insure the corp owned ships so when they die, the isk comes back to the corp so we can replace the ships easier."


Suggestion: update the ship tree and add SoCT and CONCORD tabs
Keywords: UI, ship tree
Note: All ships that players can fly deserve to be on the ship tree, including the pirate corvettes too, also please add SoCT and CONCORD tabs, so people can find these ships easier than searching through the market or the ghost fitting tabs.

Also, there is a Guristas interceptor that I only learned about 2 months ago, which also would be a cool addition. And I’m sure there are a few more similar ships in the game.


Suggestion: Jump Clone Extractor (Entire Clone, Not Individual Implants)
Keywords: ui, market, implants, jumpclones
Note: Remove Clone Via Container and can sell the container through contract or have the jump clone moved.

It would be helpful to sell jump clones that are not in use anymore. For example say you have an implant set that you haven’t used in over a year, and make no plans to go back to. Maybe it was an incursion clone, and you don’t do incursions anymore as you are -10 now. It would be nice to be able to sell this instead of just trashing it. The mechanic could also be used to allow hauling of clones to new locations, would help tremendously for change of living area, etc.


Suggestion: Option to see characters Corp Logos or Alliance logos instead of portraits in Local chat
Keywords: UI, Chat window, Local chat, portraits, logos
Note: Useful for knowing the composition of Local in terms of corporations and alliances presence - Precious info!

Really simple and very effective. Having the option to see the logos of player’s corp or alliance instead of portraits would help tremendously when you look at local and just want to know just who is in the system, which alliance etc. If you have set an alliance to red or blue you will know if they are there, but if there are some other people, you would want to know which is their alliance as well and checking them one by one may hurt. This should be available exclusively for Local chat, but some people may ask for this option in other chat channels as well.

There are some really good browser based tools for checking local composition, but I feel that it would be nice to have something like this, it is rather limited, but still. And it would not decrease the use of the browser based tools, they still have really good functionality.

EDIT: Just to clarify - this would be an easily switchable option, possibly done with one click. When players want to see portraits in local chat again, they should be able to do so easily.


Suggestion: No Auto Centering of Camera in First Person View
Keywords: ui, first-person
Note: Just a minor change for QoL improvement of FP camera users

When I’m using the first person camera - mostly for immersion - the camera auto-centers after you move it around to see your surroundings and it would be great if it didn’t.


Suggestion: option to suppress market order warnings about regional average price
Keywords: ui, market, warning
Note: extremely annoying when buying or selling cheap items with volatile prices

Most “protect the player from their own stupidity” warnings have checkboxes to never warn you again, but this is one of the few that linger on, always warning you of the terrible doom that will befall your wallet if you buy a survey scanner for 5k isk when the regional average is 1k isk. Or when you want to dump some loot off in multi-sell and it saves you from selling a passive targeting system at 50% below the regional average of dozens of isk.

And its a modal dialogue box, so you can’t do anything else in the eve client until you confirm that you’re really, really sure that you really, really don’t care if the standard frequency crystals you’re buying are a few thousand isk cheaper 12 jumps away.

Even on Singularity, where everything is seeded at 100 isk, it STILL manages to harass you because the regional average of at least some of the items you buy is often less than 50 isk.


Suggestion: Probe window updates the distances towards other anomalies uppon landing in one
Keywords: UI, probe window
Note: automaticaly refresh the distances displayed in the probe window towards other anomalies uppon landing in one