Warping to Bookmark

I made a bookmark, how do I bring it to the “warp to” in the overview? A clunky way I’ve been warping was to go to “people and places” (which took 20 minutes and three very friendly and paitient people trying to explain without screenshots what that was), right clinking my mining place, and then selecting the warp option.

I just use the ‘L’ key - it brings up a small window with all the bookmarks made in that system.

I’ve never seen bookmarks in the overview, I think it would be confusing when in battle.
But there’s another quick way: When in space in the right system, just rightclick in space (doesn’t work when you click on a ship, station, or celestial!). Your local bookmarks in this very system are all shown at the bottom of the list. Rightclick on the bookmark you chose → warp to.

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