Warping to bookmarks + Distance tooltip on brackets

I have two small QoL proposals:

1. Warping to bookmarks

I’m sure this has been brought up multiple times over the years, but the local bookmarks window is extremely clunky to use and could really use an overhaul. The shortcuts don’t work on it and in order to e.g. warp to a safespot, you need to right click->warp to, which can lose precious seconds in a combat situation (lost a ship because of this a while ago). The shortcuts work almost everywhere else in the UI, why not the bookmarks tab? What would also be great is a “warp to” button like in the anomaly/signature scanning window.

2. Displaying distance on selected bracket

If I select a bookmark or anomaly/signature bracket in space, a tooltip showing distance displays as long as I’m hovering the cursor over it. But when I unhover, it disappears. Please let the distance keep displaying when the bracket is selected, this would make it easier to e.g. efficiently drop bookmarks at an appropriate distance. As it stands, I have to make sure the focus is on the save bookmark window, awkwardly keep the mouse centered on the bracket and hit enter at the right moment. I would love to just be able to click the drop bookmark button and focus on the timing (I recently got back to the game after a two year break and I was pretty sure this is how it worked in the past, but perhaps I’m misremembering).

If I’m just missing something, or there are reasons for these systems to work like they do, let me know.

Try adding this to “Small QoL Suggestions”.

Oh didn’t know there’s a separate thread for these. Will do.

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