Cant align to bookmark

Cant align to bookmark (but can warp to it even if the popup say i cant)


best to report this via in-game bug report (F12 → Bug Report) when you can reproduce it.

Bookmarks close to me (under 10000 km) workes like normal But bookmarks further away (over 10000 km) dont

If i align to a bookmark over 10k km away I get the popup and the “ship” say aliging to***** But it does not do it (like before i can still warp to the bookmarks even if the popup say i cant)

Lets just hope its a bug and not a range limitation on bookmarks :scream:

And the undocking banner needs to go away Have it grab the docking banner on its way out :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

can someone else test this aswell plz

Did you submit a bug report?

i did

Sorry for the late reply, but: Thanks for the bug reports!

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