Inability to Bookmark Objects in Space - 2021/02/09

We are aware of an issue with the most recent release which is preventing players from being able to bookmark objects in space (such as wormholes). A fix is currently being prepared and we will give you further updates on this issue as the information becomes available.

Update 13:19: A client hotfix for this issue has been developed and is being prepared for deployment. We will let you know once this hotfix is going live.

Update 14:09: A hotfix for this issue has been deployed. Shut down and restart your clients and launcher to receive the fix.


Ctrl+B FTW

Do you guys actually ever test anything before releasing. I just grimace every time i see a release as I know the production quality will not be there.


it was reported on sisi btw
… probably it’s easier to fix bugs on live then on sisi
be like:

Nobody tested bookmarks in Singularity? It’s a key element of the game… Better hurry up and fix that! I personally use a bookmark every 20 minutes or so, in normal play. I need them to operate. Anyone else not gonna be able to play until it is fixed?


what change do you think caused this?

I’m glad this is being worked on. Not much point scanning in J space until it’s fixed.

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RIP wormholers. Literally logged in and started scanning. The option didnt even come up for me, and I couldnt use the wheel thing to make a bookmark like that either.

Guess I’m gonna log out and…?

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Can we not just ctrl-B as a workaround? My lowsec static is about to respawn, pretty much trapped in ma hole if there’s no way round it.


Great now I can’t even play at all until this is fixed. Bravo guys. Wormholers screwed over yet again.


I scanned my new sigs down and left them. I’ll fix bookmarks when CCP fixes their game. Scanned sigs stay scanned and warpable in the probe scanner, so…yay?

please help the player re warp to an object in space please change the menu when click on empty space from track to approach

ctrl+b creates a bookmark at your ship’s position, not at the position of your selected object. if you want to create a bm on 0 for a WH (which is a very important use-case) currently you would need to burn there manually, decloak in the process, and ctrl-b. this is unacceptable.

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The answer is just quit paying these ppl for their ineptitude. Vote with your dollars or whatever currency you exchange for value because there is not much value left in Eve Online.

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POS legacy code!


ah nice i though it was wormhole nerf XD

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Ugh then hurry up and quit already

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10q ccp