I lost my ship and wasted hours cuz of one idiot

Some idiot messed up the bookmarks inside Thera for wormholes out. I was confused and was bouncing between station and the bookmarks and went in and out of the wormhole multiple times. Just because some idiot messed up the bookmarks for the wormhole connections in Thera. And of course people notice ships bouncing between 2 or 3 locations for a few mins. So someone camped the hole and killed me. Now I’m frustrated and wasted multiple hours cuz an idiot didn’t set the bookmarks right. Thanks and have a bad day if you’re reading this. Sorry for being impatient but you ruined my day!

So the idiot was you?


Nope. It was a scout from eve-scout.com who provided an connection to eve-scout.com but the bookmaks were wrong and the hole that was supposed to lead me to a system in Geminate led me to a completely different location. I’m not gonna mention the name of the scout and till now eve-scout.com was a pretty reliable source but yeah

Don’t trust, verify

Also they’re not robots, they’re people, and they owe you nout

You’re a freeloader, freeloading off their effort.

Have you contributed to their gametime?

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Yeah but this scout messed up his bookmarks on multiple wormhole connections. Ik mistakes can happen but you should at least check if your bookmaks are right before you provide them o a public website.

You are lying, I killed your Condor while chilling at 0 speed somewhere in space. Nothing to do with the messed up bookmark. Which were nice btw, cause someone put them at 10km from the hole. :stuck_out_tongue:


post the kill?

Yep, the bookmaks WERE messed up but I was sitting there cuz I changed my safe spot 1 minute or so before and had to check the website again if it was my mistake

Yes, they were/are messed, but what did you lose, see only the Condor kill? Condor was almost empty, so why bother?

something something got something free from somebody else’s effort something something died something something complains and blames something something

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A lot of time. The condor isn’t the problem but the time. Now I can wait again till a wormhole opens to Thera (I dont have a jump clone there cuz I have 1 somewhere else)

The real problem is you’re ungrateful for what you freeride off for uhh free

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I’m going to have to say the fault is mainly on you for this one. If you live in wormhole space, the only bookmarks you should trust are your own. Trusting someone else to make bookmarks for you can end poorly if you dont know them. Additionally, if it was under 10 mil, that can hardly be called a loss at all. Pick yourself up and try again.

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As I said: The ship isnt the problem - it’s the time. And I’m not living in WH space.

You can’t dig you way out of this hole now

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Sounds like you’re complaining about a game you play for fun then.

Where do we donate to eve scout? This one was juicy

OP you really should demand a refund. :wink:


Still waiting on my refund from Linux causing me distress with a reboot

Get rekt, kid.

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