HELP Lost my hole doing something stupid

I did a stupid and believed my partner when he said “I’ll leave a scout in the hole” and then took the other-corp alt I had out after anchoring an Athanor - it closed behind me.

I need to find that hole again.

That Eve-Rescue thing is only for getting OUT of holes.

I’ve tried the exploration chat channel. No dice.

I’m desperate.

I’ll pay 100,000,000 isk to the first person who mails THIS toon (not the toon that planted the structure - I’m not that naive about WH space - have to retain at least a little OpSec) a route into J103731 (C4).

I know it’s a long shot, but I’ll try anything at this point.



so, you lost your hole… because you believed your partner?

that seems dirty


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Check Wingspan, i think they have a hole finding service, but i think it will be a bit more than expansive.


I can help you, message me, I have just been through there, Have put an alt in hole.

Let me know if the other offers don’t work out. I’ve got eyes in there, too.


Let us know how it went and link the lossmail(s) if applicable. :wink:

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Sorry. Wasn’t monitoring this. Was looking for a mail in-game. to Welton Cube.

Contact me there. Waiting on forums seems a losing proposition.

Hi have you tried the wormhole location services WDS Locators on chat.


I have several alts in there too, contact ingame

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