EvE-Scout Rescue Cache lures new member!

I just wanted to share this terrific testimonial for the EvE-Scout Rescue Cache program:

I recently got stuck in a wormhole and lost my scanner probes to a disconnect. After a few seconds of panic I searched google for what to do if you get stuck in a wormhole. This brought me to EvE-Scout and their Rescue Cache Program. I contacted them via the in-game channel and immediately people responded with help offers. Since I didn’t know the route I was taking after chaining some wormholes, and the wormhole system I was currently in didn’t show up with any connections on Tripwire, there was little hope. However there was a rescue cache stationed in the system. One person guided me to the cache with the help of the Directional Scanner tool. I got some Scanner Probes and fireworks out of the cache. Soon I could finally make my escape. The whole experience was a great deal of fun for me. I learned a lot about using D-Scan. After experiencing their help and reading up on the alliance Credo, I immediately filled out the application form because I felt that this is what I want to do while playing EvE. Now I’m a proud member of Signal Cartel and the EvE-Scouts and do Bob’s work.

Fly save,
Robo Fuzzy

Every rescue is special and we are happy to assist any and all pilots stranded in J-space, regardless of play style or affiliation. And it’s even more rewarding when our regular rescue operations end up bringing in a new Signaleer! If you’re looking for a new way to play EVE, check out our Credo and consider joining up today. :slight_smile:


Perfect reputation tank


Still new to this game. I really enjoy life in Signal Cartel and don’t regret my decision in the least!

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Great story.
Does anyone have an answer to this?
I’m looking for the entrance to a WH and all I have is the J number. Is there a service in Eve that would be able to track this WH down.

Where were you guys when my first ever ship loss with my current toon was to being trapped in a WH ;-;

RIP my sweet Adelaide. You were such a young Corax who died too early.

Check out these services:

Hope that helps!

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