I have gotten lost and need to be found

I am looking for someone to find me. I hope this does not sound too weird, but I am truly lost in J-space.
Please contact me in game if interested.


This will teach you to bookmark WH’s! :rofl:

Someone who can help should be along inside 24 hrs. Best of luck!

You should always pack a Needlejack filament, too.


Out of the fire back into frying pan! :wink:

That’s a good idea, thanks

How much do you stand to lose if you self destruct? Sometimes it’s just better to give up. I would wait at least 24 hrs before getting desprete.

probably slightly less than being found. My worry is that after paying to be found I will get popped and podded anyway. This is eve after all.


Signal Cartel prides itself on their rescue service.


Does anyone live there? You could always ask them for help.

Anyway, just to help you kill time…

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I spoke with them, they offered me a filament, lol

we did offer to search for you however you turned us down

I can see, in my minds eye, you saying that from an Astrahus called “Free Candy !”…

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It is EvE, and it really is hard to trust that van that pulled up most of the time. :smiley:

https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Ace_Rimmer_Midumulf I call BS, you offered me a filament, and then asked well do you want us to hunt you down. WTF, why else would I even contact you? You’re a liar, and a looser. However, I think I would be better off with out you. See you in space, I hope I hurt your feelings and you wish to come hunt me. My KB is by no means Elite, but I do not coward away from what I propose to do!

It would be helpful to know where you are. I have an alt currently scanning through WH’s (mostly trying to find an old home that still has an intact POS).

It wouldn’t help - the guy wouldn’t even let the local residents help him.

Yea well my scanner alt is in a no weapon scanning ship. And she is fully stocked with candy and cookies.

Late to the post, but in case it helps you or someone else in the future, Signal Cartel really can help you. Cheers.

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