WH Locator Needed

I am looking for WH locator. I can not say type of wormhole we are looking for security reasons. When you make contact with me I will let you know you privately. I am willing to pay isk. WH needs to be found within a reasonable time. I am not interested in wh being for rent or sale. Please mail me in game.

I believe both signal cartel and wingspan have a wh locator service. You’d have to check with them for fees and such

Thanks will check in.

Yeah check with wingspan they have a location service, legit and secure, used it couple times. About 500m isk per search if I reckon

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Thanks for thinking of us, but Signal Cartel doesn’t do wormhole searches anymore as doing so kept running us up against potential conflicts with our Credo (which requires us to be neutral and “do no harm” such as helping introduce conflict into a hole where there may already be residents). We still rescue pilots stranded in wormholes, but we won’t help people find wormholes they want to colonize, or get access to “get back into their citadel” or for any other reason. We always refer folks to Wingspan for that kind of service.


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