Looking For HS > HS WH locator/broker

Due to the recent disappearance of Niarja. I was wondering if anyone was willing to provide a service to search for HS --> HS WH junctions between either Constellations or Regions. I run with some of the incursion groups and would like to have someone/ some group help me find/scout these wormholes. I would be willing to pay between 50-100million depending on entrance/exit location, size, mass, etc.

Any size would work for me, as long as it reduces my overall travel around the empire.

We are currently (as of writing this) in an Amarr incursion with roughly 60 Jumps to Jita. Because I was curious I found two connection points in Romi and Odin that were able to reduce my travel from 60 to 18 total jumps. These wormholes were both H2H.

Please send all interests to Omega Engineering Corp.

You are paying 100mil for hisec-hisec wh that fits your capital ship?
Only the biggest of the wh would fit your needs, and they rarely(if they even do) pop up in hisec
Really bro, people are paying 10s of mils for getting rid of a wh, but you want people to find wh for you with 100m tops
Good luck getting any response

Thats a great point! I will edit my response as I really at least need a small ship transit 90% of the time>

Also I have never requested a service like this before so if you have a more accurate price range I would love to know

Signal Cartel and (to a lesser extent) Wingspann are known for doing this sort of thing.

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I haven’t heard of Signal Cartel. I will see if they do a H2H service

I don’t think they have such a service set up right now, but they have A LOT of scanners, so somebody there would probably be interested.

HS to HS is preaty rare I saw it only 2 times, play the game 5 mouths now, and I’m in wormhole space 4 mouths scanning 10 to 50 wormholes daily from inside

We use Praxis to close unwanted holes in our sistem, you can move 2-3 ships but after that, you can close the hole and the rest of the fleet will have to take the long rute.

Fly safe

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If use small ships use Thera to move around, Signal Cartel updates the holes and signs all the time

I use it all the time to move loot in frigates.

Just to make this clear I am not looking for H2H transit through WH space. I am explicitly looking for a High Security wormhole to another High security wormhole with no intermediary. You will not find one scanning inside a WH as that is WH space.

He is just telling you that they are rare.

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Now we’re talking about more reasonable stuff
as the comments suggests, go and try some of those corps
H2H whs are rare btw, they do not guarantee to pop up
if you only need a haul of cargo or your character, consult logistics corp(some thing like UPS), or just use jump clone

True, I’ve started to use PushX, and I can keep ships on either side of the “Niarja Void” but I was just trying to come up with a cheekier way to do things.

Honestly, if you don’t mind using wh as a transit, travelling thru holes itself is a rather common idea
People often do that in null to get themselves dropped safe and sound in hisec
presuming that you passed thru the wormhole itself in the first place
but since you are just talking about moving character/frigate sized ships, i’d recommend you take it for a swing
In case you want extra information on wormholes,

Be advised that wormholes and wormhole SPACE are not the same stuff


Playing with wormholes itself is a rather interesting element of gameplay already
But be extra careful if you are not ready for PVP content
PS: Information gathering and tactical retreating(running away) is also PVP
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Yes I think that is clear. However realistically your best bet will be thera.

It is possible to use thera to safely transit if you have a scout alt. Bubbles can’t be anchored in Thera (although Hics and Dics do work). If going from HS to HS it can be fairly safe. If someone tries to catch you when you jump in you just jump back into HS. The biggest challenge is scouting the far side so you don’t get some hictor bubbling it when you land.

Thing is, as others have mentioned, HS-HS holes are very rare. And thera connections are kept up in near real time.

[edit] as an example, right now just looking, there are 4 HS connections via Thera. One in the forge, one in domain and one in kor azor (also one in solitude but who goes there).

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Thera is definitely the way to go. Our OP just needs to close her eyes, hold her breath, and take that leap of faith.

So from my standpoint you have a couple options. The “best” option would be to setup a high sec static wormhole, like a C2 or C3 with an astra in it with some rolling battleships and some alts. Whenever you need to move, you rage roll the connection to get near where you are, get inside, roll it away and hope to end up near where you wanna go.

Otherwise you are blindly looking for a direct high to high, hoping it takes you where you kinda wanna go. Although that may happen from time to time, it’s not consistent.

I would recommend staying away from Thera. All it takes is one pvp group based out of there to catch you once and it’s gunna be a bad day.

Heh. I never thought about it, but when I go through Thera I always pick my entries to be in an out-of-the-way system. Since the OP wants to have short trips, that means they are going to be using the Jita connection, which is the most likely one to be camped.

I guess there will be people motivated to run this service for you if you’re paying 5-10bil per hole, instead of 50-100mil per hole.

Considering that I was, in a previous life, a scanning toon, I’ve decided to ask around the incursion community and was able to scrounge up a small group of known pilots to work together to find these connections. Obviously the first thing I should have done as its a lot easier than trying to work with the public eve community.

I also learned that the most likely reason I cannot find someone to do this is because Redfrog/PushX probably have most of the people scanning these routes anyways.

what you need, friend, is an alt in Signal Cartel.