How to find his road through wormholes

Hi everyone,

i’m seeking ways to haul goods faster through space. It appears that some places are connected through wormholes: it can be Kspace to Kspace, known space to a wormhole that leads to low or high sec, etc. I tried to seek some intel on a few website but i can’t find what i’m looking for.

Is there any way to know in advance which wormhole leads to what in order to plan his own road ? My ultimate goal is to find a way to travel from hubs to hubs faster using these wormholes but i need ressources to do it.

Thx in advance for your answer.

As far as I know, there is no way to predict exactly to what system in known space a wormhole might lead , it’s random , same goes for j-space to j-space connections . A wh might have a highsec, lowsec, nullsec or j-space static … which system in particular … that is random. Besides the static it has different possible connections to k and j space. It can be a wh with a hs static and possible wanderings to lowsec, c1, c2, c4 whs . Which systems in particular , it’s all random . What wormholers do is to “roll” them (you collapse a wormhole and a new one opens - for example you roll the highsec static of a wormhole until you get a highsec system in the region you want, or roll a c3 static until you get the c3 system you look for) , statics in particular, to get the system(s) they want. I hope this cleared things for you.
If I have miss or mistaken something , someone that is more into j-space can correct me here…

Drifter wormholes are easy highway across whole new eden. If you gonna take effort to map them each day.

But this is probably your best bet for fast hauling. Recent changes removed travel standing regiments for 90% of pochven. Logistics via Pochven - Google Docs

Thera wormholes often connect different parts of the universe together.

Search online for more info about Thera.

Other wormholes may also work but aren’t kept track of as much as the holes into and out of Thera.

Thx for the answers. It seems that my best shot is to keep track of the wormholes by myself.

It’s not, Signal Cartel and Eve Scout map Thera and make a set of book marks and a website available to everyone in New Eden.
In game look up Eve Scout for the book marks, and use this website as a way of quickly determine the entrance and exit that are closest to you and where you want to go:

If you spend enough time to get from point A to point B directly you will likely do nothing but scan wormholes for the rest of your life.

There are also tools like Tripwire and Pathfinder for mapping wormholes yourself and might be useful:

Both are most useful for groups of people (Eve Scouts for example) to build and share their own maps with each other.

Remember this though: the wormholes closest to trade hubs are often camped, Thera can be a very wonderful place, but it’s also dangerous.

Another tool is it’s really neat and has a very different interface than Tripwire or Pathfinder, it’s also got mobile apps as well.

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