Direct wormhole mapping

I know that there is a website that shows Thera connections, I wonder if there was something similar that showed direct WHs? by Direct I mean k-space to k-space without having to travel through a WH system?

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There’s no general access site like that.

There are sites that map wormholes that your Corp/Alliance scan down, so anyone in your group has access to the information, but there is no broader intel site that just gives k-k wormhole details.

1 Like works because it is maintained manually and you can do it from within Thera.
You could in theory do the same with direct wormholes, but the problem is that you have no central system from where you could stage from. You would need to scan all of New Eden as direct wormholes can appear anywhere and make this information manually available. That would be an incredible amount of work to do.

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They should really get wormholes mapped, I find wormholes practically horrible to navigate, and Eve wormhole system is unrealistic. Ain’t nobody got time fo that.



Part of what makes wormholes alluring is the fact that you’re diving into unknown space. Its exploration, one of the things that makes me want to play eve. I wouldn’t want something like that mapped for people to easily use.


What is the site for corp scans so only corp members will see?

It cant be truly mapped. Because the nodes are always changing. It can come close depending on convergence time (time it takes for everyone to report back where all the nodes go, think a routing protocol.)

It’s a literal onion router by design. All that can be mapped are the egress to a fixed point, i.e. known space (internet for the onion router analogy).

Not to poopoo too much on the NSA but their attempts to map the onion router is greatly inflated and still exists solely on attempts to correlate different egress to known “fixed” routes.

Some people just need to know where they are going in order to actually make a move.

Here is a concept for you to take home and hopefully you will take this serisouly. All of you…

"If one wishes to be sure of the road they tread,

one must close their eyes and walk in the dark."

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Enlightenment is understanding they are not going anywhere. There’s a not-so-subtle irony in Wormholes that the only road that is known is the way back.


Thanks for all the responses everyone

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True, it cannot be truly mapped. But I dont want someone to know the direct entrance to my home system and have that connection stay open till its closed.

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I agree, technically it can be “truly mapped” because it’s a routing table and has a convergence time.

Unlike the onion router which has no method to create a routing table because the nodes are encrypted so you NEVER know the actual distances in hops.

But like the onion router, the W-space is unmappable becuase the convergence time is too high before the nodes start changing again.

I doubt there will ever be enough manpower in EVE to scout every 2,000+ W-systems and their WH’s at the time and which adjacent system those go to.

If you have that you can converge the network and know all routes, bout it has to happen before any one node changes.

You dont need NSA software for it, you can trace hops in ARch or Kali linux for crying out loud. …

YES you can … and it has been done.

Im not going to go further on this topic. If you are not priveleged to this information then you have no business with the implications it carries.

And why the ■■■■ … lol would you infer a video from youtube, none the less a software developed by the NAVY to be used as secure? You all… EVERY one of you who think, TOR is safe, offeres you protection, E-E encryption, you are only biting the bullet. I feel bad for all of you still on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, those who use credit cards, have bank accounts, own a house, a car, pay for insurance, WORK for someone else at a meaningless JOB…

TOR is nothing more than a trap, and you all been fooled time and time again by Governments and their Dark Projects research labs, need I even go the ■■■■ on?

You can believe what the hell ever YOU want. I dont care, but do NOT tell me anything about TOR or what you think it offers as a means of safe communication.

we have a saying - if you dont know, you dont need to know.

that is all.

your friends at darpa say hi!

Every piece of your encrypted data, IE the USA, is copied, stored, and broken if it is conventional communications thru what is regulated under FCC.

It takes no longer than ten years to break MOST citizen encryption no matter what software they are using… and that is AT MOST… and would be special cases. MOST encryption is broken in months to years, and is then discarded.

The NAVY dont do much with TOR now… They simply were funded to help the creation and development/testing of the technologies and backdoor access to the structure.

Despite what is common knowledge available on hacker forums and youtube, discord or reddit, the military has you all by at least ten years and twenty more steps.

Its funny to hear the emotion in your words though. I attest, I do this for a living, what you believe is nothing more than an illusion. You believe, what WE want you to believe.

That is how the future is created, how history is written.

You all read the TOR wiki as you write your lame ass posts?

Like I said, the citizenry is about 10 - 15 years behind us so what the ■■■■ would you KNOW?..

All you know is what you can read off a wiki page on the TOR we3bsite… lmao

I love your description. Are you an ex-member of Uni matrix one? You have Borg knowledge.

I just know how the tech works and gave you the path to take

People are flagging your posts for a reason perhaps? Theory and field work are 2 different things. We’re talking about criminal hacking/identity theft now? Interesting and noted.