Direct wormhole mapping

What matters most is the active bits of w-space and if everyone was logging their scanning it would be possible to have a fairly comprehensive map in real time. When I used to be part of a w-space alliance our connection mapper was pretty comprehensive and we had a pretty good idea of what was going on at a larger scale as well. If we had out sourced for extra scanning we could have covered a pretty significant level of the edge network of w/k links and their immediate connections.

And we have a confirmation! Hi Balos!!!

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You win eve. You really understand the nature of living in wh space :rofl::joy:

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TOR’s encryption is a double edged sword sillies. But I’ve said too much, code-monkey level exceeded.

I think its funny, you all need to go BACK to the basics. Here is what this idiot says about Tor and Im sure he is rather qualified to speak.

On top of that, this is just the basic overview of security issues with TOR and believe me, we have known about the vulnerabilities since the beginning because, we are the ones who created the damn thing. I speak in terms of a unit, as I am a member of the armed forces. IT IS MY JOB to do what you say cannot be done, I have a few years training, and everyday, I sign into my post and do my work as it comes down the chain of command.

I don’t care if you believe me or not, that is regardless. What is important to note is how you all responded to an idea that was outside your understanding, perception and or experience. With that you are all very disrespectful and I am actually smiling because so many of the population think they are safe, when they are not. They know this, but they will not ADMIT to it. AND THAT is what is funny to me.

Good day, start at the BASICS, and from there you can gain perspective as to how TOR is NOT safe what so ever… when comes in hands of trained professionals. Kali Linux us a deb based system, it is fully capable of the work load that we require thus it is what we use, though our version is a highly modified set of packages.

keep think you are safe. We have BEEN listening to everyone encrypted conversations since early 2002.

Sorry if you have been misled. but dont ■■■■■■■ tread on me.

grow up

Every single wormhole player disagrees with you. They seem to find the time.

Perhaps wormholes are just not for you?

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