Direct wormhole mapping

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You all read the TOR wiki as you write your lame ass posts?

Like I said, the citizenry is about 10 - 15 years behind us so what the ■■■■ would you KNOW?..

All you know is what you can read off a wiki page on the TOR we3bsite… lmao

I love your description. Are you an ex-member of Uni matrix one? You have Borg knowledge.

I just know how the tech works and gave you the path to take

People are flagging your posts for a reason perhaps? Theory and field work are 2 different things. We’re talking about criminal hacking/identity theft now? Interesting and noted.

What matters most is the active bits of w-space and if everyone was logging their scanning it would be possible to have a fairly comprehensive map in real time. When I used to be part of a w-space alliance our connection mapper was pretty comprehensive and we had a pretty good idea of what was going on at a larger scale as well. If we had out sourced for extra scanning we could have covered a pretty significant level of the edge network of w/k links and their immediate connections.

And we have a confirmation! Hi Balos!!!

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You win eve. You really understand the nature of living in wh space :rofl::joy:

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TOR’s encryption is a double edged sword sillies. But I’ve said too much, code-monkey level exceeded.