Where to get general up-to-date info on wormholes? [returning player]

I stopped actively playing shortly after K-space was introduced (in 2011) and now I’m back and want to get general info what is known about wormholes, like

  1. their classes
  2. their connections to normal space (like is it true that the k-space has wh to given sec status and region, varying only system within the region?)
  3. what is Theta?
  4. are there any ‘developed’ k-systems with local manufacturing and trade?
  5. What are the most important players (I mean corps/alliances not individuals) in k-space
  6. any in-game chat channel to monitor?

Well, I’m by no means an expert on WH’s, but here are a few links. Also, K-space is known space. J-Space is wormholes.



Try http://anoik.is/systems/J100001 or http://www.ellatha.com/eve/WormholeSystemslist.asp?cmd=reset

List of connection type is found here http://www.ellatha.com/eve/wormholelist.asp

Thera is a shattered WH (means no moons, no POS no Citadell) but four SoE Stations and a huge amound of connections.

Best Info-Page is http://www.eve-scout.com/

If there is one, no one would share this info with you, as long you don’t join their corp.
Manufactoring is possible, but you are limitated by connections and resources.
Trading is possible (with a marked-mod on a cita) but makes imho no sense, cos no customers will find you

http://www.torpedodelivery.com/ of course :smiley:

Nothing usefull I know

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Thanks for the answers, @Shipwreck_Jones and @Yersynia_Pestis! I’ll read up on links you’ve posted and maybe return with more questions

Drifter wormholes have some unique properties, as described in the Eve University Wiki. They have a huge number of connections. More than Thera, I think.

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