Guide: Wormhole Database / Lookups

Planning on heading into a wormhole? Need to look up what type of wormhole and the general stat? Look no further, listed here is 2 resource links for looking up wormholes and wormhole systems.

Wormhole List - displays wormhole name, wormhole type, max stable time

Wormhole Systems Lookup - shows location id of wormholes, class and if theres a modifier effect


is also quite amazing :+1:


Excellent info, great to see it posted here in the new forums.

By the way DaOpa, I’ve had your site bookmarked for quite a while and I refer to it quite often.


I checked the Eliatha wh database. Quite good info on effects and planets.
Wh masses and specific stability times and mass for closure etc.
If doing PI in a wormhole, the eve university PI tool is quite helpful. It will tell you what you can make in your wh.
Warning though, excessive PI may cause burnout.

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I can attest to this. its nice to come back after a break though and see most all of your setup is ready to go for phase two :slight_smile:

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