Whscan.info - wormhole database (and some more)

Hey everyone!
Few years ago I’ve already launched this project, but then lost my github account and all servers, so this is the resurrection.
Previous topic - https://forums.eveonline.com/t/whscan-cf-wormhole-database/41463/11

My first corporation was a few guys who lived in C3. That was a great time - i was just a newbie in big EVE Online world, and just started exploring it.
At that times there was a great instrument (which name I can’t actually remember), it was something like wormhol[dot]es or dotlan - wormhole database with anomaly details, static explanation, anomaly enemy waves list and so on.

Some time ago i decided to migrate to W-space again, but it was obvious that there is no instrument that suited my needs, so I created my own - https://whscan.info
There is nothing really outstanding with it, it is just a good usefull, comfortable tool.

What you can actually use it for:

  • check system information (class, effect, statics, zkillboard info, anomalies list)
  • anomaly details (type, npc types, waves, gas type/amount, etc)
  • statics description (mass, size)
  • BETA ingame notifications in your browser - kill feature, your keepstar is under attack or POS running out of fuel, or maybe some contract was sold? Keep in touch with it even offline - login using EVE SSO and receive this news with native browser notifications. Absolutely secure - I don’t store anything, once you receive it noone else including myself can read it.
  • write and read comments about every system/anomaly.
  • more features coming soon :wink:

Just check out this tool and feel free to comment, ask questions and request further functionality.

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Looks good!