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Good day!

I’ve been playing EVE for already 5-6 years. My first corporation was a few guys who lived in C3. That was a great time - i was just a newbie in big EVE Online world, and just started exploring it.
At that times there was a great instrumen (which name ai can’t sadly remember), it was something like wormhol[dot]es or dotlan - wormhole database with anomaly detalization, static explaination, anomaly enemy wawes list and so on.
It was a great instrument for guys who live in WH and are not really yet in touch with it.
Sadly, but one day it was gone. Not sure what happened, but still it is no more…

Some time ago i decided to migrate to W-space again, but it was obvious that there is no instrument that suited my needs, so I created my own - http://whscan.cf
There is nothing really outstatding with it, it is just a good usefull, comfortable tool.

Sure I know there is wormhol[dot]es (but it works badly), ellatha and dotlan (these a very poor on being user friendly), but thaey didn’t suit me well.

Just check out this tool and feel free to comment and ask questions.
Development is still on, atm this is just a first working prototype.

Thanks for you attention!
Feel free to contact me here or ingame :wink:


very convenient tool, thanks. looks pretty nice except fonts =)

Thanks for your reply!
Yeah, fonts are rather creepy… tryed to use EVE font, but it looks OK only in big headers… will swap it for some other font asap :wink:

Thanks for the tool! Description of the possible signatures and anomalies are very nice.
For comparison, you can check
for more information on what to display, like possible wandering WHs and planet types, etc.
Also, I miss the possible PI material that can be produced on the system. This is a very nice information that is not present on the site listed above.


Thanks for link :wink:
More zKillboard integrations (corporations, killmails, etc.) is the next goal I think.
Afterwards will add some planets/moons information (already parsing it from EVE API, just need to create views for it).
And then going to integrate EVE SSO (ex. so u can display system where your character is atm without searching).


looks pretty cool ill check it out and use it a bit :slight_smile: thanks man!

Latest update:

  • Fonts fixed
  • Shattered systems added
  • Icons fixed for system effects
  • Many small bugs fixed
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Thank you for this tool! I’m using it alot for my hacking trips in WH-space, it’s very helpfull.
If i find a system with regular activity (kills), i’m additionally looking at zkillboard to find out about the time of day of the latest kills and if there is a prime time. It would be cool if the kills per day chart had a link to the system on zkillboard.

First thing that comes to mind - the text font. It has really bad readability. Although I like the attempt to apply that Sci-Fi style. If you decide to leave the font as is, my suggestion is to make it bigger for a better readability
Also, as a user I would like to be able to change the date range in ‘Player kills’ section

Nice work, keep it going!

Recent updates


  • DPS info added for NPC waves in anomalies
  • You can comment every single W-system and every anomaly. Just sign in using EVE SSO login and share your experience with other players
  • We DO NOT request any scopes. EVE login is required only to identify you character. The only things, that are requested is character name and ID. Be sure your privacy is safe - NO scopes are requested.

Thank you guys for your attention, will kepp in mind and try to fix all issues! :wink:

i’m additionally looking at zkillboard to find out about the time of day of the latest kills and if there is a prime time.

This is going to be done very soon. Zkillboard detalizaion and planetary infomation will be released with the next update, apparently in about a week.

Also, as a user I would like to be able to change the date range in ‘Player kills’ section

I’m not sure if there will be exactly a datepicker, but there will definalely be switch between weekly/daily chart :wink:

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Recent updates


  • EVE notifications in your browser NOW!
  • Someone is attacking you citadel or one of your POSes have insufficient fuel? Don’t worry, you will be up to date with any EVE notifications in your browser.
  • Simply login using EVE SSO, allow browser notifications, and you will receive EVE notifications within your browser.

I just checked a c3 with WR effect. It is showing c5 stats on it.
Maybe check numbers, but nice little tool to replace pasta!

Just tried to login for notifications, but I am getting

“An internal server error occurred.”


Looking good, I’ll be using your site :slight_smile:

EDIT: Maybe consider putting an estimated value on the combat sites and the guarded relic/data sites.
Also, I don’t know if it’s possible, but breaking each wave down in dps across the types of sleeper?
EDIT 2: Vital core reservoirs in c2s? Did something change that I’m unaware of?

OP might be thinking of ethalla or something, cant remember exactly. I do know eve-inspiracy has some site information on it, not all complete or 100% up to date though.

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