WH Community Seeks to find/share a home

Full Spectrum Inc is a former null bear corporation that has recently gone to w-space in search of adventure and place to grow. This message is intended to those in the Eve Online community that have access to wormhole space and might be willing to share that space. This is not a WTB advert but rather a call out to alliances and entities.

I’m a (retired) Null Alliance Leader/pilot and We are a corp looking for a place to call home in wspace so can recruit and re-grow. Our medium term growth goals as a corp is to place some decent sized structures and discover wh content together. We also can pvp and mine when sites are available. Coming from Null space, what we need is a foothold into any class of c2/3/4 wormhole. Rather then take the approach of looking for a completely empty hole I’m wondering if we can beg/steal standings from someone sympathetic to our community.

We have done a preliminary assessment of what we think we need from a hole.
We are looking for one of the following combos:

Amazing off the charts pi with multiple barren or temp planets (to allow t4 production). 0% tax is important.

A C4 with at least a static c2
A c2-4 with a static hs and static null (muhahah)
A c2-4 with a ls static

If you have something to share please Eve Mail me what you have to offer in game (or reply to this thread).

Thanks for your time.

Check wormlife alliance. They do offer WH freeports…

Sent you a mail in game. I look forward to hearing from you.

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