Wormholes by Type tool

o7 wormholers

I made a simple, easy to use, tool for identifying your wormhole connections by their type. It’s for newbros and vets alike, and since I got a nice feedback so far it’s time to share it here too.


It shows:

  • wormhole type
  • wandering/static connection
  • class that it spawns in
  • class that it leads to
  • wormhole size
  • total mass
  • lifetime

Couple of things needs to be added to be completely done, but I would say this is it. Pretty much all the info provided is verified on grid, whether by me or my fellow wormholers that I trust.

If you see any information that’s missing feel free to hit me up, though I will need a proof or some kind of verification that your info is true (screenshot, log, etc). Tool is being maintained and refreshed constantly to match most recent ingame mechanics that we’re aware of. There are even some things in there I haven’t found anywhere else.

I hope it helps you or your fellow Jspace navigators, feel free to share it anywhere.
Praise Bob!


Very cool, thanks!

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Deluxe ! Thank you ! :wink:

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Nice tool!

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I rarely use wormholes, but that tool looks great! Bookmarked. :smiley:

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Amazing tool! It stays up on my second monitor at all times! Makes mapping so much faster!

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Thanks all for the good vibes!

not gonna lie, its dope!

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  • Wormhole types that have 3 000 000 000 and 3 300 000 000 total mass are differentiated now.

Worth mentioning; tool is not mobile friendly (yet) because whole idea behind it is hovering your mouse for quick info. Mobile layout will come soon.

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  • fixed and added some missing info on certain types
  • added up to freighters under ship jump size and referrals to respective wh types
  • ship jump size colors mimic in game wormhole size coloring (when hovering types)
  • added counter showing number of total wormhole kills in last 24h (zKillboard data)

If you have info related to types referred from info required feel free to hit me up.

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Very nice!

As for the info required wormholes, those are all frigate only wormholes which I think can spawn in any c1-c6 or c13.

Thanks for your info. I was assuming the same (that all frigate holes can spawn in all classes + c13), was just waiting confirmation on grid :slight_smile: to update the site.

This is an awesome tool.
It would be helpful for newbie education.
Thank you.

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Is that possible to add an function to filter the WH type by the conditions ?
For example, Selecting Class 5 in the “spawn in” section and Class 3 in the “Leads to” then M267 is highlighted etc.
Apparently the WH type can be reverse specified by only one attribute as of now ?

yeah, filtering by multiple conditions are on the list I’d like to do.

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Thank you for the reply.
That function would be pretty much good resources to tell and persuade newbies how those wormhole types are determined by the conditions practically in the game.
Looking forward the updates in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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  • Filter wormhole types by selecting attributes of your choice.
  • Traces and overall colors adjusted.
  • Wandering attribute brought back.

( e.g. shows wormhole types that are static, leads to C4 and are up to Battleship size )

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  • Added video tooltips - visually identify wormhole destination and ship jump size
  • Tooltips on/off toggle switch
  • Fixed certain types info

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Cool. Thank you for the update.
Btw how do you think an idea to make it distinguishable of wormholes directions in the same conditions ?
( for example, There two wormholes spawns in C5, which leads to C4, M001 and E175. In this case, only E175’s front side only exists in the C5 wormhole. Therefore it seems to be helpful to indicate M001 in C5 is only K162 ( back ) side. etc)

It is a nice tool. However, I have two suggestions:

Maybe it would make sense to use the maximum mass per jump instead of the ships or to put this in brackets after the ship size.
The background is that you can fit through a C1 with the Nestor (which is not taken into account in the tool). The same applies to Heavy Interdictor (depending on the fit) for Small-WHs.

With regard to the K162, something else occurred to me. Wouldn’t it make more sense to refer to the info text of the WH instead of asking to jump through? Since it is also aimed at new players, they would still learn something. In this way, they would probably be more aware of whether the WH is verge of collapse or EOL and perhaps refrain from jumping through.