Wormholes by Type tool

o7 wormholers

I made a simple, easy to use, tool for identifying your wormhole connections by their type. It’s for newbros and vets alike, and since I got a nice feedback so far it’s time to share it here too.


It shows:

  • wormhole type
  • wandering/static connection
  • class that it spawns in
  • class that it leads to
  • wormhole size
  • total mass
  • lifetime

Couple of things needs to be added to be completely done, but I would say this is it. Pretty much all the info provided is verified on grid, whether by me or my fellow wormholers that I trust.

If you see any information that’s missing feel free to hit me up, though I will need a proof or some kind of verification that your info is true (screenshot, log, etc). Tool is being maintained and refreshed constantly to match most recent ingame mechanics that we’re aware of. There are even some things in there I haven’t found anywhere else.

I hope it helps you or your fellow Jspace navigators, feel free to share it anywhere.
Praise Bob!


Very cool, thanks!

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Deluxe ! Thank you ! :wink:

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Nice tool!

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I rarely use wormholes, but that tool looks great! Bookmarked. :smiley:

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Amazing tool! It stays up on my second monitor at all times! Makes mapping so much faster!

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Thanks all for the good vibes!

not gonna lie, its dope!

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  • Wormhole types that have 3 000 000 000 and 3 300 000 000 total mass are differentiated now.

Worth mentioning; tool is not mobile friendly (yet) because whole idea behind it is hovering your mouse for quick info. Mobile layout will come soon.