[SERVICE] WiNGSPAN Wormhole System Location

There are 2604 wormholes in the EVE Universe… Are you looking for one?

No corporation visits more wormholes daily than WiNGSPAN Delivery Services, and you can tap into our collective scanning and scouting power. We’ve located over 1200 wormhole systems for our customers and yours could be the next one!

The process

  • Join the in-game channel WDS Locators and talk to one of our authorized wormhole brokers. If no broker is online at the time, send an in-game mail to the brokers listed in the channel’s MOTD.
  • Once you’ve paid the quoted fee, your broker will activate your order and our agents will begin searching.
  • When your system is found, a wormhole broker will contact you with an entry chain.
  • The locating agent will hold your wormhole for up to 48 hours, scanning new entry chains for you as necessary
  • When you are safely in your system, the locating agent will leave the wormhole.

Common Questions

What kind of orders do you take?

There are two types of orders that we accept:

Specific: If you want to locate a specific wormhole system, just tell us the tell J-code (e.g. J123456) and we will find it!

Generic: We can locate a system that matches your general requirements, specified by class, effect, statics, PI production, size, etc… (e.g. C2 pulsar with HS/C4 statics that produces POS fuel and has at least 10 planets)

How much does it cost?

We charge 400 million ISK for C1-C3 wormhole locations and 600 million ISK for C4-C6 locations. The complexity of your request (in the case of a generic order) does not change the price - it only affects how quickly we can find a match.

How long will it take?

Wormhole spawns are ultimately up to random chance and the will of Bob, so we can’t guarantee a specific timescale. Some orders can be filled in a few days, but our average locate time is between 1-2 weeks. If you are looking for a very rare wormhole system it could take a bit longer.

What happens if my target system isn’t found quickly enough for my needs?

If your needs change, or if you simply change your mind, you can cancel your order at any time before a broker sends you the entry chain. You will receive a refund of the fee, less 50m administration charge. You can also change the criteria of the order at any time during the search by contacting one of our brokers.

How can WiNGSPAN guarantee my operational security?

Your identity will only be known to the wormhole brokers and the agent who locates your target system. Many customers use an alt to contact us to ensure anonymity.

Will WiNGSPAN agents include ammunition delivery with my order?

No. Wormhole location is an informational service, and ammunition delivery will not be included as part of this purchase. Our agent (and any alts) will vacate the wormhole once you have entered and the order is complete. We encourage you to roll your connections for additional security.

If you have any other questions about the service, we are happy to answer them. We look forward to doing business with you!


Used it couple times, can confirm this is legit quality service

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I’ve used this locator service twice now, and both times I they were able to find my target wormhole within a few days (one time it took less than 24 hours!) It’s legit, thank you!

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Good service, took a while, but got my WH in the end.

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Buyer Beware of this service, they send gank squads to your system to harass you after they ‘serve’ you. As for customer service, its akin to a third world outsourced help line. Honestly more scam than the Jita local channel, do it yourself paying them means more problems for you in the long run.

Needed to find a wormhole, contacted Wingspan and they delivered. Quick easy cost effective service, they did exactly what they said they would - highly recommend.

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Great service, first wormhole was found in 2 days.

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Very Good service,probably best service
i had lost some cool wrmhole some time ago,we could not find it, i had idea to ask wingspan for help,we got trustworthy agent and he contacted me and within week our wormhole was recovered. as this wormhole was for us very precious,i rewarded wingspan agent with brand new fitted nemesis as reward. and fresh torpedoes of course… great service 10/10 if we need anther wormhole we know where to look for help.

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16 systems located in that last month!

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First Time Addict-er here.
Quick, Simple and foremost a loyal and trustworthy service. I do recommend it.
My WH was found within 24 hours of started task. I was inside, for the first time in two years within 48h. Thanks for the quick help. / Weaver

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They found my home system in less than 24 hours!
Thank you so much guys! You are professionals in their field)

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Great job , Thanks to the TEAM

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just used this service and im very happy found my wormhole and waited for me to arrive .


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they helped me to find the wormhole that interests me, and quite quickly a very useful service and a great team

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Fantastic and fast service.
Wingspan are able to comfortably locate the wormhole of your exact specifications (E.g. C13 Wolf Rayet with static C2 connection) within very little time. For me, I asked them to locate a system with specifications of which only 4 exist of the 2,600 wormholes that exist in eve online.

Wingspan managed to locate one of these systems within less than 5 hours providing me all entrance locations and Signature ID’s, providing a point of contact for 48 hours who provides updates of any changes while i work my way there!.

Time will tell if these guys come back and haunt me soon enough. Wingspan promise to remove the scout once you are settled within the system. Sure, paths may cross again after, at which point it would not surprise me if they caught me out and provided their notorious torpedo delivery, however such is wormhole life.

If you don’t see a reply to this post from myself, it means I am happily living without backlash from this arrangement.

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Lovely service that helped me find a longlost hole to help clean up spacejunk so the Rogues dont get too ansy about junk in their space :wink:

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Amazing Service, found the Wormholes I was looking for within less than a week! :smiley:

I mean if they do send squads to come into my wormhole to pew pew I’d say let them.
In J-Space there are certain rules to follow. Here are some of them:

#1: Don’t Talk in Local EVER!
#2: Watch your D-Scan
#3: Always have probes, a launcher, and maybe a cloak
#4: Provide Content (Probably the most important rule that wont get you evicted) <- It Means Fight! or In other words don’t be a Filthy Crab that only PvEs. Farm holes are accepted but if you look snugly that’s not a good sign.

J-Space can be the most dangerous and safest place in New Eden you just have to know the ins and outs of wormholes. If you want to know how to live in WHs contact any of the newbro friendly corps to teach you or you can PM me and I’ll teach you. Fly Dangerously. o7

It took only a scant few days for them to locate the WH I asked for. Good service as far as I am concerned.

Very happy with location services - they located the hole i was searching for within 20 minutes! Highly recommended!