[SERVICE] WiNGSPAN Wormhole System Location

Found us a brilliant new hole in the space of a day, thanks WiNGSPAN.

This is legit !!!
They found my lost wormhole in around 48 hours. They even stayed as safety, until i got inside.
I was a little suspicious to be honest, i mean it is Wingspan, they have made “deliverys” to me before.
But Superb service i can only say good things.

Over 150 wormhole systems located in the last six months. We’re completing on average 20 orders per month.

Visit our in-game channel and get in touch with a broker if you have any questions.

WiNGSPAN found the WH I was looking for in 2 days when we had been looking for 3 weeks. I didn’t know what to expect but they did a amazing job.
Honestly thanks guys 07

So, everyone thinks Wingspan is that group that cruises through Wormhole Space, shoots people, then sends wonderfully written emails about the “service” they provided. Well, they do that, sure. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! haha

I found myself looking a specific WH. I needed to get in to create some havoc. I hit up a WSD agent and told him what I was looking. TWO days later, I get an email saying, “hey, we found the WH you were looking. Here’s the route (complete with sigs) from K-space.” Cool, right? And at under half-a-bil, it’s pretty cheap!

They are to finding WHs what Red Frog is to moving my ■■■■!! Top notch! Will use again! 10/10!

Had two seperate orders - both found within 8 hours. No complaints.

Thank you, this is a very fast service.

Great Service, I was offered advice on what would be best for my needs which came out to be a rather specific set of planets and class etc…

They found me an ideal system in a short amount of time for a very reasonable price then went above and beyond with advice on setting the system up for my needs.

I will mot definitely use them again and would recommend this service to anyone looking for a WH!

Well, as long as its not my WH :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys!

The very best service I ever seen. Thak you guys!!!

Can confirm they’re absolute professionals. Found my hole in under 6 hours! Thank you!

I was in requested hole in a few days, clean and professional, great doing business with.

The laser light show was top notch, a real blast with fast delivery!

Highly recommended; will use again. Tyvm Teufel and Crassus!

our transaction was completed in a wonderful way - I got the path to the desired WH.
Really good service.

Good service :+1: It only took a month to find system I specified.

Great show, did not expect the fireworks!

took less than a week to find what i wanted and they had me in there in it too

Quick, clean, all requests met, and super fast service <1 hr in this case. I highly recommend these folks and I will be using them again in the future.

tl;dr professional, astute, authentic. 100% ezpz

Requested WH found per our deal in expected time. Great and reliable service, thx!

I needed fast speedy delivery in my wormhole and they were there. The laser light show was just beautiful. Thanks so much!