[SERVICE] WiNGSPAN Wormhole System Location

Found us a brilliant new hole in the space of a day, thanks WiNGSPAN.

This is legit !!!
They found my lost wormhole in around 48 hours. They even stayed as safety, until i got inside.
I was a little suspicious to be honest, i mean it is Wingspan, they have made “deliverys” to me before.
But Superb service i can only say good things.

Over 150 wormhole systems located in the last six months. We’re completing on average 20 orders per month.

Visit our in-game channel and get in touch with a broker if you have any questions.

WiNGSPAN found the WH I was looking for in 2 days when we had been looking for 3 weeks. I didn’t know what to expect but they did a amazing job.
Honestly thanks guys 07