[SERVICE] WiNGSPAN Wormhole System Location

Great service! Found my wormhole and kept me updated on entrances and such!

Took around a week but they did really well finding my wormhole

Once again Wingspan delivers! Sometimes it’s a missile party, (always fun) sometimes it’s a laser light show (Ooooh Purdy). This time it was a route in to a wormhole my corp used to have stations in. I’d definitely use their services again!

Great Service, it take normally around a week, but just be patient :slight_smile: they are good at what they do. Very good work o7

Found my lost entry point in under 24 hours. ISK well spent, thank you very much.

Really great service! It’s took near week to found wormhole, but this service great. Thanks dudes, 5 stars)

Сервис очень хороший, к иностранцам относятся вежливо, коннект простой. Нашли нужную вхшку буквально за неделю, оповестили всех, кого указал. Так что смело обращайтесь, цены более чем хорошие!

first time i used the service.
this is legit. im a verry happy costemer and will defenetly use the service agin if needed.
recomend to everyone who needs a wh found.
thx guys

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Used them to find a new Hole to move into. Very professional, kept me updated on the search, and I had my new unoccupied Hole in under an hour. Exactly as advertised and will use them again for sure!

less than 6 hours!

wow. You guys are amazinggggg!

This is legit!

I had a specific system I was looking for any they found it in 2 days.

1 out of 2604 that’s impressive

Thank you WDS Locators

great service! took less than 12 hours to find a couple of different systems.

Very reasonably priced too!

I placed an order for five specific systems, and the first one was found after less than two days. Excellent service!

I placed an order for a very specific WH that I was looking for. They found it in under an hour. Very professional service. Thumbs up all the way. 10-10.

Teufel Morder was able to locate the target wormhole quickly, and provided updates until I was able to bring a character with scanning capabilities. Worth the isk.

Placed an order for a specific WH - less then 10 hours. Thanks for service

Fantastic service found my wormhole in only 24 hours. I had been looking for this wormhole for years. I appreciate it greatly and will use this service in the future again.

2nd Time I’ve used WSD Locators and found my wormhole quickly and provided an easy entrance!

Wingspan WDS Locators service found the specific WH that we needed to enter within 12 hours of acknowledging receipt of payment. They have a massive network of operatives that made this possible. Thank you Wingspan!

Can confirm, very good service, will def come again when need be. Cheers o7

I’ve now used WDS for locating a few lost wormholes, all have been found promptly and professionally. Would highly recommend the service to anyone.