Looking for J235321 C2 - Will pay bounty

Hey Peeps,

If someone comes across J235321 and can provide warp in and safe passage. I will pay up to 500mil isk for safe entry into the WH.



These guys can give you a hand:

cool now I know what wh to camp :smiley:

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Even with the most covert of cloaks how will you prevent your perceived “targets” from smelling you and having the upper hand? :face_vomiting: likely they will know you are there before you do… some scents just can’t be removed from the pod and the goo - fast destruction is the only way to improve one’s pod hygiene… From what many people have read on these forums and witnessed in game it seems there are many hundreds of folks, if not thousands by now, who are lining up to help you relieve you bodily odor and refresh your pod… Good luck though, and if you should cross my path I would be glad to assist in your "cleansing :skull_and_crossbones: "

can anybody help me to understand what Leiron said? i am not sure of what he meant

So Sorry Wyk-Bathana - lol - this was certainly not directed at your or anyone else other than the intended queue - who most certainly knows who they are (do you “Smell” what the Rock is cooking? hint hint?) Cheers

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