[SERVICE] WiNGSPAN Wormhole System Location

These guys have found 2 WHs that i need.

Fast and serious !


WTFind this wh hole, can pay 400m for it, contact me in game : Rabbirabb1 TUTU

If I can recommend a player based service, that will be the WiNGSPAN and the WDS Locator.
Great communication, fast contact, trustworthy pilots. Finding wormhole as you need or reimburse ISK, if something changing. No problem at all.

Easy 5 :star:

Found the hole we were after in just a day and got us in really efficiently. Great, quick, friendly service. Would recommend to anyone. (If only Wangspin were as good at PvP as finding holes XD )

Just used this service for the first time this past month. It took some time - about three weeks - but 100% worth the time and cost to find. Legit and high quality service.

used it, found my desired c2 within 24 hours. its legit.

Amazing services will always use them in the future!

This outfit found an old WH of mine in a few weeks’ time. I was a bit leery of paying upfront because EVE, but they made good on their promise. The individual scanner that posted up in the target system updated me with daily entrances for a couple of days until I could get my scanner in there.

+1 can recommend

nice services, find the wormhole I need only cost less than 24 hours