[SERVICE] WiNGSPAN Wormhole System Location

Thank you WiNGSPAN! - best WH location services out there!

After changing my order around on these guys like 3 times, they still upheld their quality services and found my hole for me. Awesome group of pilots, will use their services again.

Once again they have done a fantastic job finding my second wormhole. I can’t thank them enough for their quick and efficient service.

Excellent service, nice and professional delivery agent.

5 Star Service, no Complication. Very good work.

Service is still up and running! Found one of those very rare systems in about a week. Very satisfied customer.

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Service is still going strong. Coming up to 1500 total successful wormhole locates and a continuous stream of happy customers!

Even though my time in wingspan has past this service is still one of the best out there. Highly recommend it for folks who want a quick move in the right wormhole.

Honest agents will dedicated their time to making sure you move into the wormhole without issue, no strings attached. Quality, quick, and honest.

(Significantly faster than eve scout, I promise)

Still running and completing an order every few days.

Service is still up and running!

Free bump from a former womhole runner // torpedo delivery pilot. Fly safe, Wingspan. o7

Easy, professional and exceptional service from Wingspan, they found our new home quickly, worth the isk. Would recommend.

In game mail sent. :wink:

clean, all requests met, and fast service. I highly recommend these folks.

tl;dr professional, astute, authentic. 100% ezpz

I was sketpical at first, but they DID find the wormhole a month later! thanks very much


would recommend !

good service, good price. took a little over 2 weeks. I’m sure I’ll be using this service again and ill recommend it to everyone.

I am very pleased with the work of this team and communication with him. these are real business people. their search for the wormhole I needed took two days. the price for the service is quite democratic.

Fast, efficient service. Would recommend to anyone who needs to find that special lost connection.