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Thank you both for your feedback :slight_smile:

In the case you mention both E175 and M001 types are shown in a C5 system (where they spawn), and their “other end” - K162 will be shown in their destination C4 system (where they leads to). So it’s the same for both types.
Difference between them is that E175 can span only in C5, and M001 can spawn in almost any class.
Maybe I didn’t understood you correctly?

It’s true that this tool is build up taking a new player perspective into consideration, and that’s the reason why I placed ship jump size as wormhole size instead of a mass number. I believe that makes more sense for the new players.
But, all the additional info about jump size mass and Nestor and fitted HIC (and more), is included in the tooltip if you hover it with your mouse. I’m assuming (?) you checked the tool on your phone, in that case tooltips and hovering traces are not working.
Tool is not mobile friendly (because no hover on touch screens) and I invite you to check it out on your desktop/laptop.

As for the K162 additional info, I like your suggestions. I was thinking to include information about EOL, DESTABED/CRIT states with some additional information. And indeed this will come in future updates.


ya, sorry I was misunderstanding. Please ignore that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very nice app, thanks for sharing.

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Before the next incoming update dealing with wormhole type behavior, I would like to write about couple of less known observed mechanics around certain wormhole types.

Since February 2020 ‘from wormholes with love’ patch, wandering connections are increased and new wormholes introduced.


We are interested in those “new wandering connections between C4, C5 and C6 wormhole systems”.
So what are those new connections?
New wormhole connections are in fact 9 existing static types updated so they behave as wandering too.
Lets call them wandering statics for convenience, meaning they have both static and wandering attribute.
Those are statics from c4, c5 and c6 leading to c4, c5 and c6 systems, each.

changed wh types

from C4: X877 H900 U574
from C5: E175 H296 V753
from C6: Z457 V911 W237

Since that patch these previously static-only types can wander across their respective spawn class, and appear in a system regardless if the same static type exist/don’t exist there.

  • example 1; E175 type was static only in certain C5 systems, and now it can spawn in any C5 system as wandering.
  • example 2; Having two H296 types in a C5 system at the same time, one being static and other being wandering, is not unusual.

Further, all static types spawning in Class 2 leading to w-space also wander, but not the k-space ones which remains static only.

Similar ‘wandering static’ behavior is present with frigate holes, difference being they can spawn in multiple different classes (as static in C13, and as wandering in C1-C6). Even C13 to C13 connections are observed, meaning A009 can wander in there too.

And, all static types spawning in Class 1 and Class 3 systems are static only.

Conclusion is, there are 3 different behavior mechanics around wormholes: static, wandering, and static & wandering.
In fact there is even another one - K162 statics (or ‘reversed statics’) present in Thera and Pochven, but that’s for another time as in this post we are focused on those 3 only.

I put up complete table of everything mentioned in this post (all connections types that spawn in C1-C6 wormholes) here:


in familiar words

C1s always have one K-space static.
C2s always have one K-space static and one W-space static. - all W-space statics can wander
C3s always have one K-space static.
C4s always have two W-space statics. - statics leading to C4, C5, C6 can wander
C5s always have one W-space static. - statics leading to C4, C5, C6 can wander
C6s always have one W-space static. - statics leading to C4, C5, C6 can wander

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Really C4-6 static had not spawned as wanderings ?
I don’t remember how it used to be before the patch though, then 5/6 would have been super safe then.

Yeah, having those types outside of systems that have them as static wasn’t possible before.
I wouldn’t say 5/6 were super safe before, they just got slightly more dangerous :slight_smile: if that makes sense.

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  • updated frigate hole types
  • updated wandering connections spawning in Thera
  • updated ‘wandering statics’ as explained in a post above

Couple of interesting mechanics, possibly universe/lore-wise related.

C2 and Drifter Hive wormhole systems sharing types

Leading to C1-C6 systems: Z647 D382 O477 Y683 N062 R474
These types are static in Drifter systems. Also. all Drifter systems have C2 strength system effect.

C3 and Thera systems sharing types

Leading to C1-C6 systems: V301 I182 N968 T405 N770 A982

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