Wormholes by Type tool

Wow thank you very much

  • Added Scanning Difficulty Level - sig level column

Couple of signature levels still left to document, they will be added on the go.

It seams that all K162's are Level 1, except in Drifter Wormholes where all K-space exits are Level 2, and in Thera where some K162's are also Level 2.
Excluding Thera and Drifter systems, one conclusion would be: if your wormhole sig in wormhole is bigger then Level 1 you can know it is an outgoing wormhole connection.

Some K-space wormhole types can have more then one sig level:
example 1; Z971 was found as Level 1 in HS, Level 2 in LS and Level 3 in NS.
example 2; X702 was found as Level 2 in HS and NS, and as Level 2 in LS.

There is some indication that same wormhole type, one being static and other being wandering, have different scanning strength. More on that later.

If you find any missing info do report it here or hit me up in game. I would appreciate it.

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This is an amazing WH Tool! Thanks Soth!

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Calling scanners for help with current investigation:

It appears that wandering medium sized wormholes, thought to appear only in C1 systems, spawn in NullSec too.
If you find any of the following wormhole types in NullSec, feel free to send your report (screenshots included).

  • H121 (leads to C1)
  • C125 (leads to C2)
  • O883 (leads to C3) - CONFIRMED
  • M609 (leads to C4)
  • L614 (leads to C5) - CONFIRMED
  • S804 (leads to C6) - CONFIRMED

Information on the website will be updated after multiple confirmations/reports of the same wormhole type.

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Heads up everyone, according to hoboleaks.space there are some incoming changes regarding few wormholes.

Frig holes lifetime is changing from 16h to 4.5h:

It seams that C13 connection (A009) will remain as is.

Also there is a new wormhole connection J377.
According to hoboleaks it’s specs are: leads to low-sec, battlecruiser jump size, 24h lifetime.

Where does it spawn? Is it wandering or static? … remains to be seen.

These changes could not be final but, once stuff hits tranquillity website info will update accordingly.

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What does the “WormholeTargetDistribution” define ? :thinking:
There are no other wormholes sharing this attribute with J377 and existing attribute to wormholes don’t seem to have common point.

The only information about this I found is on this 6y old reddit post saying:

The Target Distribution ID marks the class of target-wormholes that you would go into

296 = C1 297 = C2 298 = C3 299 = C4 300 = C5 301 = C6 302 = Highsec 303 = Lowsec 304 = Nullsec

And there seem to be testing ones … 628 and 629 …

So if you’re sitting in front of a H121-ID that you can see the wormhole in your overview is named with, you know that this wormhole leads from a C1 into another C1-wh.

Maybe this value of incoming J377 type is temporary until it comes in game. If its true that it will lead to LowSec, value will change to 303.

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So I have found the new J377 wormhole.
It is connected to the Turnur system (the one we had stellar incident yesterday).

Spawning side was C2 wormhole system J165412, K162 was on the Turnur side.

K162 side

J377 side

(it was heavily camped)

I will update the site with this clearly insufficient info for now.
It could be wandering and reverse (as in Thera connections).

Any new findings please report it here on mail me in game. I would appreciate it.

EDIT: Another one, also connected to Turnur, but spawned in C1 J155429

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So does the Turnur have only reverse wandering?
Aren’t they static? Any updates through last weekend? :sunglasses:

So far J377 is observed to spawn only in low tier wormholes (C1-C4), and leads only to Turnur system.
It is reverse static, as in Thera and Pochven connections, although I mark all those holes as wandering too (because their true type wanders nevertheless, and K162 is the static side).

Also, I updated new frig hole lifetime to 4.5h as update states:

Additional info from CCP Kestrel/Suitonia on reddit regarding spawn rate:

I do wonder how ‘end of life’ state applies to them now.

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Interesting. I have encountered wormholes led to Turnur, this seems to be providing some interactions for forgotten low class wormholes.

I need to make some research about frigate holes.
How does the frigate holes age ? Do they look eol right after they spawn ? Is the K162 spawn rule changed on new frigate holes ? etc, etc :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • Added “Current investigations” in the top left menu so people can see what is being focused a bit more, and can contribute with their findings if they want.
Current investigations

Uprising changes

  • Observing frigate wormhole lifetime changes (to 4.5h) and their EOL state timers.
  • Closely monitoring new wormhole J377 as well as wormhole activity increase, post Turnur incident.
  • Researching reintroduced wormhole J244 [Type ID 73748] coming on top of already existing J244 type [Type ID 30667]. Regardless of having the same attributes, it is suspected they behave differently.

  • Still investigating medium wormholes in NS, detailed in the post above.

Yeah, Turnur has become mini Thera as they call it. Too bad we won’t be able to see same effect in Egmar and Vard.

Frigate holes are in observation phase at the moment. They don’t look eol when they spawn :slight_smile: though they are found eol most of the time now. I will write something about this as soon as more info is gathered.

Some have requested to put up visual showcase of eol state somewhere on a site, for newbros. Will do that.

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  • Added ‘safeExplo’ - basic information about exploration sites and most importantly, is the site safe to warp. It is accessible on the top left of the site.

Initial info was taken from the popular chart by David Louis, posted on eve-scout forums.

This is just initial release and more info will be put on.


This is a great tool! I was manually editing a text file with wormhole info, no longer :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this tool!

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Very nice tool, Great job!

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This is really cool - well done and thank you for sharing it with us :thumbsupparrot:


small change to safeExplo:

  • removed AEGIS, SCC and Operation Center sites
  • added Fullerite gas sites with their respective gas types