Anyone use deepsafe tool?

I stumbled across deepsafe, and was wondering if anyone uses it? I tried pathfinder and tripwire, but on my primary exploration relic/data site character, I’d like something more like deepsafe thats focused on signatures, etc. I briefly tried to use it, and when I authenticated with Eve, it just spat out that I’m a spy and that dreddit is recruiting? What’s going on? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve stumble with it before. The tool was made by TEST members for TEST and it’s allies. So if you or your corp is not with test or legacy, you will not have access to it.

But there are other tools that you can use that works like Deepsafe. I personally prefer Pathfinder to use.

Fly Safe

Ahhh, gotcha. I figured it was something like that for Dreddit, didn’t realize it was for the alliance.
Do you use pathfinder to track signatures in high/lowsec? I thought people used it primarily for wormhole mapping. I live in low-sec, do brief forays into wormholes, but never too deep that I can’t return, so I can’t really see the point in pathfinder, maybe I’m just not using it right?

Another question if you’re feeling bored: Is there any point in tracking names of the anomalies? Like will the same name give rise to the same type of anomaly? If that’s the case, an excel spreadsheet would be a good alternative to deepsafe.

Yes, I personally use Pathfinder.

And yes, pathfinder and tripwire is commonly used by wormhole corps and guys to map wormhole connections. But pathfinder (not sure about tripwire) has that sig tracking features that comes very handy especially when you’re sharing what sig in what system to your corp mates.

Perhaps I’ll dig around in pathfinder some more then. Thanks!

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