Pathfinder vs. Tripwire

Just curious what tool you WH guys prefer and why.

I use Pathfinder cause it works and I know how to use it. Tripwire seems confusing and I haven’t taken the time to learn it. Should I?

And while I’m thinking about it, does anyone know of any group(s) on Pathfinder or Tripwire for solo pilots like myself to share information (i.e. WH connections/routes)?

I do solo explo and hauling, and for those times that I need to make 50 or 60 jumps to get to my destination, it would sure be nice to know if there was a nearby WH that could cut down on my travel time/distance.

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I don’t think it would be worth the effort to move to tripwire if you’re satisfied with pathfinder. For solo, I use a spreadsheet. If you don’t go for PvP you could join Signal Cartel to gain access to their mapping. If you want more action you could consider Wingspan.


I like Vippy!

There are many excellently made apps that all have their pros and cons so it comes down to your preference really.

The general advice I give is to try each of them, one at a time. Take the effort to fully understand and use them and you will find the one you enjoy the most. Everyone has different needs and preferences so there is no “1 app the rule them all”.

FYI I am the Tripwire developer, and always welcome feedback and help :slight_smile:


Tripwire is only marginally better than using a google doc IMO.
I’d never recommend it for a corp that is based in a specific WH system and scans out from there, though it does have its uses for groups, such as Wingspan, that do not have a base of operations and that use a large number of active chains at the same time.

Pathfinder is great. It takes the industry standard established with Siggy and expands on it while providing personal servers.
The only thing I slightly dislike about it is that the UI is slightly too overdone and fancy for my tastes, I prefer simpler, but it’s still the tool I’d recommend to anyone in the market by a long way.


I have to say I prefer Tripwire over any of the others, Damians quick fixes and quick responses for any issues that can come up make it second to none in my experience


Does Tripwire have the ability to join groups? I’d like to join (or create if one doesn’t exist) a group of like minded pilots - solo explorers and haulers - to share WH connection information to make navigating K space faster / safer.

For example, I like accepting DST hauling contracts between Null and HS systems as they can be quite profitable and challenging to complete. Most of the Null systems are deep in null, sometimes 40 or more jumps deep. The only way for me to safely complete these contracts is by using WH routes, requiring me to scan down the surrounding systems in an attempt to find a suitable WH that will eventually connect me to a HS system (typically through 1 or more J-space systems). Although I sometimes get lucky, it typically takes a very long time to do all the scanning.

Now, if a group of unaffiliated explorers / haulers existed and could make me aware of a suitable WH route, it could save me oodles of time.

I feel that joining a group like this would also make doing exploration feel more rewarding, as your findings would be made available to others for them to use to their benefit. I used to belong to a null sec corp and volunteered to do much of the scanning for them - the gratitude I got for that gig made it all worth while.

Thanks , so far my favorite mapper.

Ignore Jack.


Tripwire has what is called “Masks” that is used to group and share everything in Tripwire from signatures & wormholes to notes and in-game ship & location.

There is the public mask that is available for every Tripwire user to join - that would be an ideal spot for such a thing. It is probably not populated much however since it is not as fast and easy to switch masks as I would like (~4 clicks to switch the current mask). I have a new UI in mind that would allow switching between a set of “favorite” masks in just 1 click.

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Over the years I’ve used quite a few mapping tools. From wspace alpha that we privately hosted, to siggy, and even dabbled a bit with Tripwire (could never get accustomed to the UI). These days I tend to use Pathfinder as it has a lot of nice features, is arranged in a pleasant (subjective) layout and feels closest to the wspace/siggy workflow. That said, it feel slow though that it far more likely due to the potato that I’m currently using than anything with the application itself.

I’ve used both. I like Tripwire for wormhole space and Pathfinder for known space. Plus. Signal Cartel has its own masks that make Tripwire very useful. I actually prefer SMT ( to Pathfinder when I don’t want to mess about with web browsers and whatever.

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I’m surprised about all the people complaining about Tripwire’s UI. In my experience it’s far easier to use (mostly far less clicks) than siggy or pathfinder.

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It is rather easy to use, since you can have it mostly automated if you set it up properly. Then you only really need to add the sigs. The one thing that does annoy me a bit is when you jump a hole back to the first system and Tripwire adds a new sig rather than asking which one you want to update (I paste scanned sigs rather than add them individually).

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Siggy #1


siggy is love, siggy is life. what the hell are people doing with this tripwire nonsense

It’s the god awful MAP that’s the issue…
Sure, it has all the functionality but the map is near useless. and given that’s the whole point of a mapper…


I had issues with tripwire, too many small icons and things to set up to make it work, and even than it didn’t work 100% and I was scratching my head thinking if it’s a bug/ server issue or I’m doing something wrong.

Pathfinder- Simple. log in, see map, drag stuff. See where alliance members are and what they do in real time. Automatic updates work. It’s also not so anal about signatures and connections, no need to specify exactly which sig is entrance from each side to make it appear properly on map.

Had I come to Pathfinder first, I’d probably find it hard as well, but coming from Tripwire, its a walk in the park. Super easy.


Yeah, well said.
The auto adding of WH systems to the map in tripwire if you add a wh sig is truly obnoxious

Pesonally I’m using Tripwire, due to fact that my alliance use it. I’ve also found Pathfinder, and to be honest, it fits my personal needs better than Tripwire, but my alliance isn’t interested with it.

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