Pathfinder! Map wormholespace

If you know what pathfinder is but are bummed that you don’t have a way to host it yourself, I’m glad to share my publicly hosted PF @

For the time being it’s 100% free to use, one day we may put up a pay wall (in-game isk) but for now it’s free.


If you want to try at hosting your own PF you can find the project @ GitHub - exodus4d/pathfinder: Mapping tool for EVE ONLINE

Heres a video walkthrough on pathfinder


For those using our hosted PF, your first ever map might have a issue with the routes tab not working, heres a quick fix to that! [EVE Online ] How to Fix and Use the Routes Tab in Pathfinder || Wormhole Mapping Software - YouTube

Why use a mapper hosted by someone else when galaxy finder exists. GalaxyFinder

Isn’t galaxy finder hosted by someone else…

I feel like the community is hit hard by fear-mongering

The data is stored encrypted on the database. and Pathfinder is not built to allow admins to view or utilize users’ maps in any way. All we know is you are a user, you have created a map, and that is it, we CANNOT access your map data and have not modified the codebase in any way to support such practice.

On top of that using player data like that would be against TOS and would result in our developer token being dumped.

on that note, dropped a video on how to setup and use Pathfinder, check it out here How to Use and Setup Pathfinder for EVE Online - YouTube

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