Tripwire - signature mapping tool

Tripwire is a free, open source, signature mapping tool. It is completely free to use or you can host your own copy.

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So helpful for chain mapping. Recommend to anyone who ever uses wormholes.


I can’t imagine living in wormholes without tripwire.

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Finally, follow and tracking explained!’%20locations

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Thank @Ashley_Traynor for all the work on the wiki docs!

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Thanks babe :heart:

I do need to work on more wiki pages though!

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Thanks @Ashley_Traynor!

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3 fixes have been pushed tonight:

1.) “Signature ID already exists!” error fixed when adding a signature ID that EVE Scout has but you can’t see because you have that option disabled in the current chain map tab.
2.) The first chain map tab was not honoring the EVE Scout option, this is now fixed.
3.) The auto-mapper was sometimes making wormholes disappear because of bad system IDs from ESI, this is now checked for.

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Will you be adding another “Push button, get T-shirt” feature in the future?

I am going to do another t-shirt sale via Redbubble once this next major patch is finally finished to celebrate Tripwire finally coming out of beta. New designs have also been made for t-shirts :slight_smile:


When are you launching that patch? I still see same errors…
I think tripwire is awesome and I always use it for mapping wormholes with my corp, you did a great job, but these days we all have a lot of problems like fail connecting, users who don’t track them, duplicate signatures, wormholes dissapearing… :sweat:

This went live before I posted it - a browser reload is required to get the new code.

Use that issue/feature tracker link above - I can and will fix any issue I can recreate.

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Tripwire version 0.8.6 released

  • Added a Tripwire version check and alert to let users know when a new version is released
  • Changed the color of signature site links so they differ from wormholes


More new toys - keep up the excellent work!

Tripwire version 0.8.7 released

  • Sometimes when updating a signature the age counter would freeze, this is now fixed
  • EVE Scout members were having issues pasting signatures, hopefully all issues should now be fixed.

I’m not sure it keeps happening, but some days ago I used ctrl+z to undo removing a wormhole; the signature appeared again as usual, but the destination of the wormhole was gone.

This is a known issue - its a complex fix and will be included with the major core rewrite being worked on now. No ETA as of yet, its going to be a huge code change.

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Topic pinned per request :slight_smile: