Eve wormhole mapper is a simple mapping tool for eve player. It was inspired by the popular Pathfinder, but dit not evolved afterwards. Eve-whmapper is more :

  • lightweight
  • simple to deploy
  • simple to administrate
  • faster
  • easier to maintain

The source code and first release is available on GitHub at GitHub - pfh59/eve-whmapper: simple eve online wormhole mapper

Give your feedback


Using it since several weeks.

Very stable software, better and faster than Pathfinder.

Maybe some features to add for next updates as zkillboard direct link.

Great job, thanks !

How do i download this or is this web-based?
I’m not familiar with GitHub at all.


you can follow deployment instruction describe in readme. GitHub - pfh59/eve-whmapper: simple eve online wormhole mapper

If you want try before install your own instance, https://beta.probing-ldm.fr

Really appreciate the capacity to identify very easily same wormhole type using alphabetic letter tag.

Useful for quick probing avoiding mistakes :slight_smile:

Nice update with all system informations, capacity to add personnal notes and direct access to external EVE very usefull tools :


New Release v1.0.1

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Just wanted to stop by and say your doing awesome work keep it up!

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Very good stuff i’m looking forward to replacing Pathfinder in the future but right now i’m missing a few features till i could take it live for my alliance.

  • tagging system expansion
    we are running a custom pathfinder version with a freetext tag field we would need at least up to 10 chars length

  • pasting signatures is tedious (requires multiple clicks)
    i would like that it works by having a system selected and pressing CTRL+V

  • no routing functionality (also missing Thera)
    a module for finding routes including a thera api would be very nice

  • connection age is not easily visible
    something similar to the little plane in the top right like pathfinder has would be perfect

thats it for now would greatly appreciate you considering those features (can also add them in github if you want)
additionally i have 10 years of softwaredevelopment as background unfortunately no web development but if you are willing to give me a little introduction in the process and tools you are using then i’m sure i could be of help.

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New Release v1.0.2

Thanks to @ReadYY for your contribution.

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New release with new Feature v1.0.3

Hotfix has just been delivery.
New version v1.0.3HF

Very nice update.

Appreciate clearer layout and capacity to use system color box.

Hello everyone,

For this last day of the year, discover the latest “Route planner” module in beta.

The administrator can define a default target system for all.
Users can define their preferred target system.

When a node is selected and a route is available, a green badge is displayed and the gps is available.
Click on it to display the route on the map.

See you next year


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New release with new Feature and Fixes is shipped : v1.0.4

Caution : if you are using previous version, please update your docker-compose file.
On first startup, waiting for initialization process :

  • image

  • image

  • image

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Due to bad route calculator on safer mode see bug)

Use can you this build sha-8e67d71, to solve this problem :

Docker command : docker pull ghcr.io/pfh59/eve-whmapper:sha-8e67d71

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Route calculation is realy fastner now.

Very useful to add own target systems with all stuff spread arround New Eden to know easily if it can be reach with current map.

Automaticly updated when scouting.


New version 1.0.5

Would it be possible to use this without the proxy and implement my own solution? I want to take advantage of Cloud Flare tunnels. So all I need is the webserver to start on my internal local IP:port. Then I can hand off to CloudFlare?

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Agreed, was going to try this out but no idea whats going on with the networking. It’s highly unlikely anyone will be installing only WHMapper to their server.