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Hi Everyone,

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For the last few months I’ve been busy building a mapping and Intel Tool and finally have something that may be useful.

Main Features :

  • Intel Parsing

  • Character Location Tracking

  • Jump Bridges (Friendly and Hostile)

  • Basic ESI Data Overlay (Ratting, Pod & Skip Kills)

  • Basic ZKill / Dotlan Integration

The source code and first release is available on GitHub at with more info available in the wiki at

Please post any feedback / bug reports / feature requests and enjoy!



This looks super awesome. I’ll give it a shot.


looks dope, will give it a go and provide feedback :+1:

great work! could you :

  1. add a right click (on system) -> set desto & set waypoint using the ESI connection (like in Tripwire?)
  2. add in the ESI data the number of jumps per system

would be dope ! thx mate


I’ve started working on the authenticated ESI, its a slow burner as I work my head around how to best integrate it (I need it for checking sov standings which is another item I want to add)

I’d forgot about the number of jumps, let me add that to the list too.



I’ve just added the number of jumps per system and pushed it to github if your building from source… will be a new release created when I get a spare moment


New version (0.26)

  • Added Jumps to ESI overlay
  • Added Colour options for the selected system and character tracking
  • Change intel channel to exclude blank channels

Download at


looks fantastic. will def give it a go. good job sir


Have been using it :). Works well, thank you. One comment I suppose I have is that the little spinner to tell you where you are sometimes gets lost in the stuffs, and it can be hard to create a nice color scheme that works. For that reason, maybe you could include some pre-built color schemes to select from that you know work well from experience.


I’m planning on adding support for light/dark and custom colours, if anyone has any good colour schemes post a pic here and i can add them as a default.

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[quote=Serg Sinist]Well good!

Feature requests:

  1. Show Pods \ Rat \ Ship kills when you hover cursor the system.
  2. Zkil \ Dotlan show on CefSharp engine in SMT (optionally).
  3. Add sound alert on intel channels.

A hover over is a good idea, i’ll add that to the list… sound is already on the list.

Regarding zkill, i’ve been investigating using the RedistQ feed which I could then render ontop of the map too provide a live secondary layer… the ultimate goal would be to add some fuzzy detection for gate camps and such which could then be added to the map…

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Had a little time for a quick change prior to starting the next major chunk which involves shuffling a few things about :

New Version (0.27)

  • ESI Info available in hover over for system

Download at

Hover over systems to get highlights like this…

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Nice, An explo helper would be awesome!


Quite a big change this time…

New version (0.28)

  • Integrated Docking Manager so you can change the layout
  • Support for multiple colour profiles
  • Option to track a player and have the map update
  • Anom parsing/storing to help with exploring

Download at


You can grab the toolbars and stack/split/detatch so you can customise the layout to your hearts content…

Colour Presets

Ive included some colour presets in the “Map Colours” pane you can select a number of presets (Thanks @Thailander_Onlyone for providing these, anyone else feel free to contribute and i’ll add them in)

Player Tracking

Once the map has managed to find you, you can select your character in the right most dropdown menu in the top. When selected it will automatically follow your character around as you navigate, so changing the region as you do and updating the selection to match your position

Anom Parsing/Store

The inital version of the anomaly parsing/sig tracking to help with exploration… The intended use case for this is that as your flying around you scan and save off any sites which you dont do/use ie any wormholes/combat/data/relic sites you havent run, but have scanned down so that when you come back to the system later you can see which sigs are new and which you previously ignored…

The intended use is…

1 . Enter new system, select all anoms from the prob window :

2 . Copy them (ctrl-c) and then select the system your in (dont need to if you have tracking enabled) and click the update from clipboard button in the anom window :

This will import the current sigs and update the list… if you have previously scanned down any of these sigs it will be updated with the type automatically…

3 . At this point scan down any remaining sigs, run any sites/etc that you want then recopy all of the scanned sigs and update from clipboard…

At this point, when you return to this system, any previously scanned sigs (that if like me you had written in your notebook) will be auto update at step 1… saving you the need to scan down anything your ignoring…

Any feedback, ideas, isk welcome :wink:


:smiley: awesome work!


This map helps and good + free alternative of GARPA.

Develeoper, please add route planner (jumps from A to B) and jump planner.


amazing update

adding a right-click “set desto” or “add waypoint” on any system would bury Dotlan, cant wait :ok_hand:


Sort of feature request. Would be quite nice to have the lines highlighted for the jumps you’ve taken, so you can see where you’ve gone on the map.


So I’ve been working on adding Authenticated ESI (have a dev version I could push for those interested) and have a question for anyone using it (particularly with multiple characters)…

Do you want to keep the chat based tracking along side the ESI based ?

What that means in real terms is… if I go ESI based tracking every character will need to be added/authenticated manually however all characters will have access to the waypoints/sov standings/etc vs the simplicity of having characters tracked, but not consistent access to some features…


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Full esi sounds good, i can provide feedback for the dev version if you need to mate. As long as set desto works for characters, I’m all in


Set desto will only work for ESI authenticated characters

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