SMT : Eve Map Tool

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Just a preview of whats nearly ready :slight_smile:


Would love to try the ESI support!

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Its getting closer… I just need to add in some method to see what characters it knows about beyond the basic drop down… ive ended up supporting both passively tracked through the local chat and ESI authed characters. The auth’d characters do save off between launch, but I have no re-authenticate if anything goes wrong (ie you revoke access on the site and your refresh token is invalidated)…

Once I have a test version ready i’ll post it here…


Ok a fairly major update :

Important note : until I can build an installer you will need to import the registry change (Double click on the file RUN ME First…reg, only needs to be run once )

New version : 0.29

  • System data now correctly displays for all edge systems
  • Option to colour the map by security status
  • Basic ESI Authentication
  • Ability to Set Destination (clears all waypoints first) and Add Waypoints

Download at (source available too)

Map Colours

Just tick the show security in the map controls

Set Destination / Add Waypoint

The first version of the esi authenticated character tracking and waypoint management. The first thing you need to to is ensure the registry file is imported (needed for the browser unfortunately)

them you need to add a character :

This interface is still very much WIP

Then follow the eve authentitication (if you get a script error here please ensure the initial registry change is made and restart, this is what it fixes)

Once this is done you should see your character in the character drop down (even the character is offline)

Next select a character (as we need to know who to set the issue for


At this point you can now right click on the systems and either Set destination or add waypoint (if you cant select set/add then ensure you have a character selected)


As always feedback is appreciated (im still working out a lot of this stuff so it may be a little buggy)




Incredible work mate, life changer


Another small release (0.30):

  • Added Sov view (Alliance names, and basic regions
  • Few small bug fixes

Download at : source code too…


Is this limited to K-Space, or can it be used as a WH tracker as well?

Only k-space

Currently only K-Space…

Got a new interim release 0.31

  • Rejigged Alliance Name / ID Resolve
  • Added New Colour Scheme
  • Added a basic display of Jump Ranges
  • Added option to change the max intel overlay time

Download at

The Jump range display currently works by selecting the ship type, enabling the show jump distances and selecting a starting system :

It will highlight all systems within the jump range (note, these ranges are for JDC5).

As always feedback is appreciated.


Features Request

  1. Right-CLick mouse -> copy system name
  2. Color by sequrity status: green - hisek, yellow - lowsek, nullsec - red.
  3. Allow to change zoom the map
  4. Turn on\off on top map.

Lot of awesome features. Probably check this out soon. Since you’re integrating with ESI and adding a jump range indicator, how about pull the skills from the character and get the current value :wink:


I’ll add copy name to the list.

You can already colour by system security… tick “Show Security” and it colours the systems using same colours as the security used in-game

Zoom is something already on the list…

What do you mean turn on/off top map ?

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This feature:

  • About Zoom I needed to change using the mouse scroll. When the window is small, the size of all objects is small. Also, I may wish to consider certain systems or the entire region as a whole.
  • About “On Top” I meant keep always on top of all windows, if necessary.
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Just came back to Eve and found Dotlan’s radar function no longer worked. Found SMT and pretty much does what I want. Great work so far!

I’ve been using SMT for a couple of days now and have noticed a large FPS dip. I usually run Eve max settings at 144 FPS but when running SMT FPS drops to 60 hovers there then spikes back to 144 FPS. Basically getting a nasty saw tooth graph.

I’ve done the usual due diligence checking any other sources of the FPS dip and have narrowed it to SMT.

I can live with a lower frame rate but the constant change in FPS causes a noticeable lag in the game usual liquid smoothness.

Please let me know if you need further details.


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What interval is there on the dips ?


Interval is about 2.5 to 3 sec.

Cool thanks, i’ll look into it later today

Another small release 0.32

  • split map rendering so that only the dynamic elements get cleared unless necessary (should help with garbage collection and general performance)
  • added option for sound on new intel
  • added double click on intel window to take you to the appropriate system
  • small alliance name/id fix

Download at

Sound can be enabled with this :slight_smile:


Let me know if you continue to see any performance issues or any other ones for that matter :slight_smile: